Wrong Festival Stage Splits + New Elevant Single

By Planet Slop
Thu 26 April, 2018

Ahead of this weekend’s Wrong Festival, Paul Riley takes a look at some of the bands performing, and introduces the new single from Elevant. 

Those of a delicate disposition, look away now, as something wicked this way comes.

On Saturday (28th April), Liverpool’s very own celebration of the freak scene descends upon Invisible Wind Factory. If, however, you appreciate the weirder side of life, we strongly suggest that you get your arse down to bear witness to a line-up that showcases a silly amount of talent.

From home-grown heroes SPQR and CONAN through to headline act Future of the Left, Wrong Festival has built on the success of their first outing in 2017 and have put together a line-up that looks like one of the best shows this city will see this year.

Salford’s own aural behemoth GNOD are back in Liverpool once again, and for those who missed their offering at last year’s PZYK Fest, we can only say that they have to be seen to be believed: “Titanic. Crushing. One Wonders how a band that sound like a tuneful avalanche actually practice. Perhaps in a nuclear shelter somewhere.”

Elevant, one of the most exciting acts on parent label Loner Noise, have just released Nowhere, the lead single from upcoming EP Here Come The Cold Sweats, so we can expect to see some new material from a band whose reputation for songwriting is growing as quickly as their riff repository.

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The video, which can be seen below, is a little sarcastic in tone, but provides a great mirror for the lyrical themes of the track, and is probably the closest to writing a love song they will ever get.

Perhaps the most interesting entry on the line-up is a collaboration between Mugstar, one of Liverpool’s most successful rock exports of recent years, and the legendary Damo Suzuki (Can).

The music spans the spectrum from psych through to art-punk by way of dirty doom-metal, garage, stoner and experimental, and sprawls over three venues in the North Docklands – Invisible Wind Factory, Drop The Dumbells and North Shore Troubadour.

We are taking on the challenge of seeing every single band, and we can’t wait.

Wrong Festival is upon us. Don’t forget your earplugs.

See the full line up and the new Elevant video below. Buy advance tickets for Wrong Festival here.

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