Wrong Festival & Loner Noise Announce Freak Scene All-Dayer

By Shaun Ponsonby
Tue 15 August, 2017

As the team behind Wrong Festival announce an all-day celebration of the freak scene, Shaun Ponsonby talks to head honcho Michael Edward about the development of Wrong, Loner and the Freak Scene All-Dayer.  

Loner Noise – the label behind this spring’s triumphant Wrong Festival – are holding an all-dayer in the basement of the Invisible Wind Factory on 14th October.

The bill is made up of bands on the Loner Noise roster – “Every operational band” says head honcho Michael Edward. “Including some ones that haven’t yet released any material. I wanted to really showcase the strength of the label, I love all of these bands and we can achieve more as a team, so hooray for teamwork!

Loner Noise began as a simple DIY exercise, a way for Edward’s band Elevant to release their material in a more official capacity. “Our mates’ bands and bands we’d toured with started asking if we could put their records out, so we decided to gear it up properly and it’s kind of taken over my life.”

The criteria are pretty simple; Do I like the band? Are they good live? Are they nice people? Done.

Perhaps due to this, Michael has no short of enthusiasm for the bands he has signed, and it doesn’t take him long to rhapsodise about them more like a fan than a label boss;

SPQR have their EP coming out soon which I’m incredibly hyped about, it might be my favourite thing I’ve heard all year. Black Pudding have a double A side coming out, which are my favourite tracks they’ve done yet.

Kapil Seshasayee has a single that’s leading up to a concept album about the Indian caste system. Federãles are working on their EP. Pocket Apocalypse are finally going to get around their years in the making EP – having kids slows down your release schedule it seems.

From Loner Noise came Wrong Festival. Taking over the emerging venues in the dockland area of Liverpool, the festival was an instant success and created a genuine buzz – not only in the city, but beyond. The festival for the freak scene definitively made its mark.

It was no coincidence that Wrong Festival took place in the area that it did. Occasionally, the city feels like it is almost willing for certain areas to become creative hubs, but the docklands area has grown organically.

The docks have a good few venues now that feel like the new creative centre of the city where the most interesting shows are happening,” Edward explains. “The Invisible Wind Factory feels like the epicentre of it all, just as the Kazimier was. The team there are so creative about staging shows in a way that’s rivalled only by the guys at Drop the Dumbulls, they have a real way of making everything held there have extra weight to it. In a way it’s a statement of intent to have it there.”

The idea for this all-dayer came directly after Wrong Fest. ”I was having the debrief with the Invisible Wind Factory team,” Edward tells me. “And they said to throw any cool ideas their way, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to work with them again.”

As much as the strength of the line-up does underline how far Loner Noise has come in a short period of time, it feels like more than a just a simple showcase, and Michael concurs; “This is part of the underground rock scene that feeds what’s represented at Wrong Festival. All of them that were signed at the time of Wrong are playing here, plus some new additions. If you had a good time there, you’ll have a good time at this show too.

Loner Noise Presents Freak Scene All-Dayer takes place at the Invisible Wind Factory Basement on Saturday 14th October 2017 from 3pm. Tickets are available from Skiddle and See Tickets. More information can be found on the Freak Scene All-Dayer event page on Facebook (click here).

Michael has curated a playlist showcasing the very best of Loner Noise below.