Wiley, Ms Banks, Rico Don: 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool

By Planet Slop
Sat 03 March, 2018

Maybe some things are best kept a fantasy. Planet Slop catches a disappointing Wiley at 24 Kitchen Street.

There was a huge amount of excitement in the air.

How often do gigs like this happen? Someone as huge and important as Wiley playing a venue as tiny as 24 Kitchen Street.

Sadly, there are maybe some things best kept a fantasy.

Though starting strong with two appropriately titled numbers (Been a While and Back With a Banger), it wasn’t long before things went a bit south.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it was, but despite the energised start to proceedings, Wiley himself tapered off. You could put it down to touring fatigue, you could put it down to a general off night, but as Wiley’s energy subsided, so did the crowd’s.

Once he seemed to stop dead, bar queues suddenly swelled and there was more space at the front of the stage.

Thank God for Rico Don and Ms Banks.

Though not quite making up for the crushing disappointment of Wiley, they were both brought a youthful energy that the night so sorely needed.

Rico Don opened the show, and clearly proved a tough act to follow. His aggressive delivery and impressive precision proved that if the Liverpool music scene was to make an effort to break down the diversity issue clouding our output, we could have just as thriving a grime scene as London.

Ms Banks closed the show, and attempted to wake up what was left of the disappointed crowd. Had Wiley not lost his way, she likely would have been more successful in doing this. But with what she had to work with, she pulled through and left us on a much higher note.

In future, remember; some things are best kept a fantasy.

Pictures by Gary Dougherty