KLF Dark Ages
KLF Dark Ages

KLF Khronicals #5 – Entering The Dark Ages

What the FUUK is going on? We’re about to find out as Vicky Pea departs for Mumuland. 

By Vicky Pea
Tue 22 August, 2017

Welcome To The Dark Ages Day 1… ish

August 18th 2017

Today I received the most interesting of my KLF book collection and undoubtedly the most useless.

It’s endlessly intriguing as I read and re-read the two page list of contents, six and a bit page preface and four page appendix keen to uncover and absorb any clues or inspiration.

2023 blank

By the time this journal is published many of you will be just an hour or two away from holding the finished article in your very hands, or a few hours sleep away from an exciting knock at your door. As such I am aware of keeping the mystery very much alive for you all.

So as the saying goes, look away now if you don’t want to know the scores (skip to August 19th).

Firstly the contents divulges 23 chapters spread across the three books. Book One is titled The Blaster In The Pyramid. Book Two, The Rotten Apple and Book Three, The Christmas Number One. Books One and Two consist of eight chapters leaving seven for Book Three.

The titles of the chapters range from familiar names and phrases to the quite surreal and otherwise disconnected.

The preface, dated Breakfast Time 1 January 2017, communicates the origin of the trilogy of books we are to believe will follow it (that appear very much blank in this copy), as well has how they came to be discovered by Drummond and Cauty. It’s ‘gonzo’ writing at its best. It’s written as the truth in the vain of which you’d expect to see at the start of any novel. A scene setting introduction into the journey of the writer thus far.

Of course it’s not the truth, or rather it can’t possibly be. But In the case of 2023 A Trilogy, it is and we will treat it as such.

The identities of some key players are revealed. The author of 2023 is Roberta Antonia Wilson (Roberta, not Robert), aka George Orwell. You’ll have to trust me on that.

We are introduced to the names Tat’jana and Kristina who are interpreted to be The KLF. Whether they mean them to be female versions of the duo, the duo themselves or something all together different is unclear. They also go by the moniker The ICM (Ice Cream Men). The film 2023: What the Fuck Is Going On? having been made by the duo having been influenced by Roberta Antonia Wilson’s writings.

The appendix, dated Tea Time 1 January 2017 (a lot can go wrong between two meals let alone 72 hours) further expands upon the activities of Tat’jana and Kristina and their relationship with The Shondells’ Tommy James, ending with the ultimate decision to release this trilogy of books, in English, as 2023 on 23rd August 2017 in Liverpool. Work is yet to begin on the Peoples Pyramid.

August 19th 2017

Now we don’t know much at this stage but I’m almost ready to say that Wednesday’s hearing could be the most enjoyable event for me.

I adore a good debate. What I adore even more is being in ear shot of a good debate but not actually involved. I’m a sucker for eavesdropping on a riveting pub conversation and delivering my two cents and snarky remarks to whomever I’m with. So this event is catered for me.

We’ll get to sit in a room and hear experts of various fields give their opinions on the subject that we all find most interesting at this point in time. I can lean over to the person next to me an deliver some sharp and witty retort to my own hilarity and if that wasn’t good enough, vote at the end of it.

The panel will consist of an artist, economist, publication editor, art historian and journalist. So we’ve got a good idea of what to expect. With the help of some expert witnesses we can surely expect to hear an explanation of the burning from the perspective of each of the listed fields.

The one I’m most looking forward to? The economist. I know right! When was the last time someone was interested in listening to an economist natter on?

It’s the only field that I cannot predict somewhat their explanation. With respect to the other fields, I could never claim to understand or predict their own approach in its whole but I could take a punt at the general concept.

The economist however is quite the prospect. Surprise surprise, I’m going to refer back to John Higg’s book. One of the main tenants of The Illuminatus Trilogy and The Justified Ancients of Mummu is the fight against usury (the action or practice of lending money with interest).

Usury is now the bedrock of our economy and therefore the bedrock of almost everything. As unfortunate as it is money runs the world and usury is now an accepted practice, despite many religions and institutions teaching against it.

Use this information to answer the question why did the K Foundation burn a million quid and the answer is obvious. To carry out The Justified Ancients of Mummu’s vision. To destroy money. Not to hide it, or to keep it, or remove it from the markets, but destroy it.

As usual though, it’s not that obvious is it? Because if it was, Drummond and Cauty would know it and we wouldn’t be going through this whole thing. So if that is not the answer, what other economic reasons could there be? The idea that the burning was an investment of sorts? I would certainly be interested in knowing how one would begin to calculate the potential return it has shown through various methods.

August 22nd 2017

So here we are. The updates are increasing with every passing minute. The wristband exchange opened at midday today for the volunteers to collect their passes and News From Nowhere is visibly preparing to welcome The JAMS.

Twitter and Facebook is awash with photos of merchandise, various locations and miscellany.

Rules, a rumoured list of the jobs we’re required to pick from and even the full running order appear. After so much guess work and speculation we’re now overrun with it.

Less and less of the 3 days remains unknown (none of it unless you’re keeping one eye closed on Twitter). This can provide some comfort on one level (the list of jobs, if accurate has filled me with relief) but also fills me with a desire to look away – quickly. As such I’ve not included images or tweets in this part of the entry.

Through this journal I’ve tried to shine a light on my own introduction into The KLF via this event. I hope that during these 5 entries that has remained true, it was never meant to be a blog of breaking news and updates except for when they were already common knowledge or added real context to my discovery/anxiety.

Now I find myself honestly very glad that’s the approach I took. Because today I feel a little spoilt. Spoilt in both the sense of the amount of exciting details reaching me and spoilt in the sense of tarnished.

I want to discover the rules for myself. The merchandise myself. The locations myself. And that is how I will now approach the next few days.

Yes I will share updates and photos, but only of that which is already common knowledge or known. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone and will very much be in it for myself. So fear not, you will be hearing from me in the form of regular packaged updates, but don’t expect a raft of live coverage every other minute, because I’m going to The Dark Ages.

See you in 2023 (or at News From Nowhere tonight!)

WTTDA Wristband

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