Video Premiere: Nu Tribe X No Fakin – Live At Parr Street Studios

By Shaun Ponsonby
Fri 19 January, 2018

Celebrating the 25th of Parr Street Studios, Planet Slop premieres an incredible live performance from Nu Tribe and No Fakin.

Parr Street Studios are currently celebrating their landmark 25th anniversary with a series of 25 short films celebrating the Grammy Award winning studios.

But rather than observing their past, they have opted for something far more bold and exciting. Each film invites bands and artists who are currently active to do whatever they please with one day in the studio, taking the pressure off of the financial implications of hiring out such a legendary space, and giving them room to experiment.

This is, perhaps, as vibrant a commemoration of a quarter of a century as you can get. It feels like more than a simple anniversary project, and it highlights the present and future of the phenomenal talent brimming throughout the city.

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The latest video (below) comes from No Fakin – who themselves are celebrating their 20th anniversary. They were given free reign of Parr Street’s Studio B, and invited Nu Tribe & Butcha B to swing by and bless them with an incredible eight minute freestyle, with beats provided by the delectable BluBeat.

The collaboration was pulled together by DJ 2 Kind of the L100 Cypher, whose previous short film can be viewed here

The film is a one-take masterclass in freestyling, and finds all three men at the absolute top of their game.

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Nu Tribe & Butcha B headline Boom Bap on Saturday 3rd February. Click here for more details.