KLF Khronicals #20: Toxteth Day Of The Dead 2019 Guide

Everything you need to know ahead of this year’s extended Toxteth Day Of The Dead festivities.

By Planet Slop
Sun 17 November, 2019

Saturday 23rd November 2019 marks the second annual Toxteth Day of the Dead.

Picking up from last year’s precession the festivities have somewhat grown this year, with events and activities now spanning three days. Here’s what’s going down.

🧱 Our coverage from 2018’s Toxteth Day Of The Dead 🧱 

Friday 22nd November 2019

Wake L8

18:00 – 21:30

The Florrie will open its doors at 6pm on Friday evening where Wake L8 will kick off from around 6.30pm and is free to attend however donations to The Florrie are encouraged. More on that at the bottom of this article.


Wake L8 is a community gathering celebrating those who’ve left us this year to join The People’s Pyramid, providing an opportunity for friends and families to pay their respects through eulogies and poetry, the day before this year’s MuMufied bricks are laid to rest on the Foundation Stone as part of Toxteth Day Of The Dead.

There will also be an open deck for close friends and family to share music significant to those who’ve passed on, whilst DJ Stephen Clarke 1980 is preparing a very special DJ set. Keep up to date with his extensive preparations over on twitter here.

Food and drinks will be available from The Florrie’s cafe.

Saturday 23rd November 2019

Toxteth Day Of The Dead

Beating of the Bounds

12:00 – until we’re done

In the now established annual tradition, Toxteth Day Of The Dead begins and is centered around the task of finding the eventual permanent resting place for the Foundation Stone and therefore The People’s Pyramid.

Those taking part are welcome to meet at The Florrie from 12:00 however the procession proper will being at 13:43 from the corner of North Hill St and Letitia St, the end of last year’s procession and where the very first Mumufied brick was laid to rest.

🔺 What is the People’s Pyramid? 🔺 

This year will follow a new, shorter route, which culminates at Bridewell Spring in St James’ Gardens and will pay tribute to a new host of local figures and organisations that will be honoured over the course of the route. If it’s anything like last year, there’ll be tears, laughter, poetry, music and a game of footy.

The end of the procession will see this year’s MuMufied bricks laid to rest as part of the People’s Pyramid.

If you plan to join the precession you are encouraged to register for free here!

Things to bring;

Empty milk cartons to make Milk Ghosts (or bring you own ready made ones!)

Lego! Classic bricks, as many as you can. 592 needed in total.

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Hereafter Party – Dub Of The Dead

20:30 – 02:30

The official afterparty takes place at District in the Baltic Triangle from 8.30pm until the wee hours. Tickets are required and are very close to selling out, so delay no further and pick up a ticket here.


The line up is ridiculously strong and would be an impressive stand-alone event, let alone as the afterparty and so far features Paddy Steer, Moody Boyz (Tony Thorpe), Kermit And The Super Weird System, Keep It Cryptic’s The Cryptide featuring Ché Wilson, Josh Ray, Cosmic Shepherd and Jack Hendrie, Eva Crystaltips, Dolly Dollycore, Horton Jupiter, Busk With Us, The Hove Space Program plus visuals by Tristan Brady-Jacobs aka TVlux and live performances by Katy-Anne Bellis, Myra Stuart and the Liverpool Arts Lab.


🍦 Buy Tickets for the Hereafter Party here 🍦 

Sunday 24th November 2019

The Thetis Bardos


On Sunday 24th November we will meet at the Monk’s Ferry Car Park (CH41 5LJ) and participate in a ritual to pay tribute to the lives lost in the sinking of the Thetis Submarine.

“On 1st June 1939, through series of bizarre accidents, the Thetis Submarine sank in Liverpool Bay. 99 men died that day, with a further life lost investigating the wreckage on 23rd August. The submarine was finally dredged on Sunday 3rd September – the day war was declared by the UK. In Greek mythology, Thetis is the water Goddess whose wedding was made infamous by the snubbed chaos Goddess Eris, who tossed in her Golden Apple, leading to the Judgement of Paris and consequently the Trojan War.

Next to the Cammell Laird Shipyard where the Thetis submarine was built, the 12th Century Birkenhead Priory, complete with the exposed remains of the 19th Century St Mary’s Church, sits in striking juxtaposition to the mammoth ships of Merseyside’s largest dry dock. Each of the 100 lives lost in the Liverpool Bay are commemorated on bricks aside the spiral staircase in St Mary’s Tower.

We intend to hold a Ritual at the Priory honouring these men, predominantly drawing from the Tibetan Buddhist Bardos but also weaving in Christian, Druid and Greek elements….with a dash of Robert Anton Wilson, Discordian humour and Cosmic Love.”

How Did We Get Here? Revisit the KLF Khronicals for the whole story.

The Florrie – Donations

For those attending Wake L8, or passing by over the week, consider donating to The Florrie’s Christmas Toy & Food appeal, details in the below image.


All images courtesy of the Liverpool Arts Lab / The Florrie

Follow all of the events with Vicky Pea on Twitter @vxpeax

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