Toxteth Day Of The Dead 1
Toxteth Day Of The Dead 1

KLF Khronicals #18: Cometh Toxteth Day Of The Dead, Cometh A Khronical

It’s just mere days away. So here’s Vicky Pea to rehash everything you already know but you’re probably excited enough to read again ahead of Toxteth Day Of The Dead 2018

By Vicky Pea
Mon 19 November, 2018

Toxteth Day Of The Dead

Late is the hour this procrastinator has chosen to appear.

Yes, the first inaugural Toxteth Day Of The Dead is hopefully a few days away and not already past by the time this reaches you.

Though you may argue that I’ve had some 15 months lead time, and right you’d be too, it’s loomed up on me because quite frankly I tried ignore the speculation as I couldn’t be arsed writing anything and ignorance claims to be bliss (bullshit says I).

So for those still listening who have not yet committed everything to memory, here’s the rundown. For those of you who know it all and are wondering why you’re here, standby for the USP.

Friday 23rd November 2018 hosts the first annual Toxteth Day Of The Dead, the purpose of which is largely understood to be the collection and laying of the previous 12 months “crop”. “Crop” being JAM’s slang for Bricks Of Mu, fully fired and inclusive of 23 grams of cremated remains belonging to its once living owner, who for whatever reason chose to Get MuMufication.

Across subsequent 23rd of November’s, 34,592 Bricks Of Mu will be welcomed into the tradition and take their place in the ambitious image of the People’s Pyramid.

I’ve already written at length about the People’s Pyramid (see here) and now it seems that others are joining in too, in fact we’ve had our fill of re-purposed press releases hitting sites across the net (yes, I know), even Auntie got in on the action.

Here’s a selection;

FACT Magazine

Tone Deaf



Consequence of Sound

To these fine establishments I direct them to…


Get it? Got it? Good. And yes, I know, again, but we went through the whole title thing some articles back.

Essentially that’s the nuts and bolts purpose of the day, to remain largely unchanged as the years roll on and the bricks roll in. Onto this years specific activities.

This year an essential part of the structure will be introduced. The Foundation Stone. A 3 ft by 3 ft square of “locally quarried” sandstone that will one day hold the first 240 Bricks of Mu, number 1 of which is to be laid by newly qualified bricklayer and all-round legend Daisy Campbell on this very day in question.

I don’t claim to know much about the structural engineering required to erect even a small Pyramid, or house of cards, or some sort of drunken Strongbow can structure, but I can see how a central slab is a good starting point and at the very least moves Paul Sullivan’s blueprints from the ideaspace into the realm of physical reality. Come the evening of 23rd November 2018 the People’s Pyramid will indeed be in progress and therefore existence, so when people question its legitimacy we’ll at least have something to stylishly point at. That ain’t nothing.

The big question is, where will the Foundation Stone lie? Where exactly in Toxteth shall this monument stand? For that matter, where exactly is Toxteth? Not being from Liverpool I’d have thought that’d be pretty apparent. Au contraire. It has since become clear to me that the boundaries of Toxteth are there to be contested, pushed, pulled, drawn, erased, re-drawn, spoken to, listened to, bargained with and some.

The task of finding clarity in that regard falls to the Liverpool Arts Lab and its band of impassioned souls who, led by Tom Calderbank, will embark on a journey “to forge Toxteth Day Of The Dead traditions that will withstand the next thousand years.” Having been privy to the war room efforts in play via my sporadic Arts Lab side-character status (more on that weird full circle post event!) I can reveal it’s not to be missed. To ensure you don’t, get yourself to the entrance of Toxteth Town Hall for 3pm sharpish and keep your eyes peeled for other Arts Lab goings on in the days leading up to and following on from TDotD.

As is to be expected some familiar faces shall be in attendance too, aside from the 399/99/minus any doubles that make up both etc. Esteemed Undertakers to the Underworld Rupert and Claire will be returning to school us in all things life and death, as will the fine folk from L-13 Light Industrial Workshop who in the spirit of en masse consumerism that has never been so well hijacked as on Black Friday, are elbowing in on the action and offering bargain basement MuMufication deals for young and old residents of L8, so spread the word and shift some bricks aye.

The final element of the day, still shrouded in mystery as of writing, sees the current living embodiment of The JAMS/K2 Plant Hire Ltd directors Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond present something titled Unexpected Item in Toxteth Town Hall that will, fittingly, be open to the public, whatever it is, at Toxteth Town Hall on the day.

A caveat exists however (of course it does) for those wishing to gain entrance to the Town Hall, with the exception of anyone with an L8 postcode and those who have ‘obtained’ MuMufication. In order to cast your senses over whatever the fuck Unexpected Item in Toxteth Town Hall is you must present one full sized non-returnable supermarket shopping trolley to Tony Thorpe/K2 Security upon entry. My condolences to the local Big Tesco. In case that wasn’t clear enough…

“The one-shopping-trolley-per-person admission rule will be rigorously enforced. No excuses.” 

Furthermore, “There may be other occurrences throughout the day and night.” The provision of Mince Pies and Tea has also been confirmed which personally sounds just awful. I hereby propose Coffee and Doughnuts for the next one.

Other dates for your diary, because the 399/99/minus any doubles that make up both etc are in town and that means Happenings;

Thursday 22nd November – Hobo Kiosk – Milk Ghost Workshops & pop up Liverpool Arts Lab – Evening (TDotD flyer or password required. Figure it out, or ask someone).

Thursday 22nd November – Dead Perch Lounge (Static Bar) open from 5pm

Friday 23rd November – Toxteth Day Of The Dead – Toxteth Town Hall – 12pm til 9pm (get there by 3pm latest!)

Saturday 24th November – SSOSVA On The Fence Exhibit – New Ferry – 10am til 3pm

Saturday 24th November – Dead Perch Lounge (Static Bar) open from 7pm

See you in the streets of L8. If you see me yelling at you, please adhere to all instructions.

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