Threshold Festival 2019: Planet Slop’s Virtual Stage

By Planet Slop
Thu 28 March, 2019

Are you ready for Threshold? We are! In anticipation of this weekend’s festivities, Planet Slop presents its virtual stage – the trail we’ll be following all weekend. 

We are spoiled in Liverpool. It feels like every weekend between Spring and Autumn there is some incredible event for us to enjoy.

Undoubtedly, this season is kicked off by Threshold Festival – alongside Africa Oye, it is probably our favourite weekend in the city. You never quite know what you’re going to find; it’s diversity and willingness to experiment is a unique aspect and arguably its best asset.

We are proud to be working with them this year to host a panel discussing diversity in the Liverpool arts scene, with guest contributors XamVolo, Iona Fazer, Little Peaches and Joan Burnett. There is no better place for us to discuss these issues so openly, and we invite you all to be a part of the conversation at 92 Degrees Coffee at 1.50pm on Saturday.

But, beyond this, there is so much happening (and very reasonably priced, incidentally) that if you wanted to plan your weekend, you’d be in a bit of trouble.

Thankfully, we have done it for you. This is, in effect, Planet Slop’s Virtual Stage; from 6.30pm on Friday, to the early hours of Sunday morning – this is all the main points that we recommend to anyone attending.

Click here for the full Threshold 2019 Clashfinder  

Friday 29th March

6.30pm: Infinity Art Exhibition (St. Michael In The City)

Might as well ease our way into the weekend. There will be visual arts on display throughout Threshold, but the Infinity Art Exhibition will be its centrepiece, with work on display from local artists such as Cherie Grist and Danny O’Connor.  

7pm: Saint and Nicola Jane (District)

That Threshold is opening with scouse hip hop makes us happier than we have maybe ever been. Saint and Nicola Jane are a hip hop and R&B duo who have performed both separately and together. Their work as a duo is some of the most accessible hip hop we’ve ever heard from the city. That Threshold felt them suitable to open the entire festival is a testament to their sunny disposition and we are confident they will provide the finest welcome that Threshold could have had.

Read our interview with Saint and Nicola Jane here.

7.30pm-8pm: Gallia (Best Before)

The marriage of electropop and rock hasn’t always panned out for the best, but Gallia provides the very middle ground we all need. She’s sassy, strong and sweet, and will have the crowd at Best Before eating out of her hand.

8.10pm: Mersey Wylie (District)

One of Planet Slop’s favourite releases of 2018 was Mersey Wylie’s The Skin I Live In, an honest and realistic manifestation of her own mental health struggles through neo soul, jazz and flourishes of classical. Each of her performances showcasing the release has been equally enthralling, and we can’t wait to see her at District on Friday night.

Read our interview with Mersey Wylie here.

Mersey Wylie

8.30pm: Emilio Pinchi (Brick Street)

One of the Threshold mainstays, and one of the nicest guys in the entire Liverpool scene, Emilio Pinchi is “Direct, hard hitting, witty, sarcastic, and full of self-deprecation”. He was one of the highlights of Threshold’s 2018 event, and he’s bound to be equally as brilliant this year.

Read our interview with Emilio Pinchi here.


One of the most interesting aspects of Threshold is the visual arts on display. Using live-coded generative and procedural composition techniques, theskyisthinaspaperhere combine ambient electronica with post-rock to create a dark, brooding melancholia.

9.30pm: LÚNA (92 Degrees Coffee)

Swedish hip hop, you say? Where else but Threshold? LÚNA draws influences from both hardcore and classic hip hop and is now creating her own experimental sound.

But, if you’re a bit weird and that doesn’t sound like your thing, thankfully there’s some incredible clashes; the ever reliable Soul Rays over at District, and brilliant garage rockers Skinner’s Lane.

10.15pm: DBA (92 Degrees Coffee)

DBA takes the styles of three unique individuals and fuses them through high-energy, rap-based music, displaying inspiration from a range of genres such as Hip-hop, Soul, UKG, Grime and Afro swing. Their music reflects their generation’s ability to find a good time amongst a world run by bad headlines. A must for Threshold this year.


11pm: KYAMI (92 Degrees Coffee)

If District takes the crown for the beginning and end of the night, then 92 Degrees Coffee owns the middle. Hailing from New York, KYAMI is an indie R&B singer, songwriter and producer. She is in the current class of LIMF Academy’s Most Ready artists and has been making waves over the last year or so.

11.30pm: Maschinenfunk (Brick Street)

Born from a desire to host parties and guests on the margins of the local music scene, MaschinenFunk sees bring their distinctive music palette to Liverpool. They’ll be storming the Brick Street afterparty until 2am. Come and go throughout, because you never know what will go down.

11.40pm: Taylor Trash (District)

DRAG QUEENS AT THRESHOLD! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Taylor Trash is listed as the host at District, but the Clashfinder has her down for her own performance at 11.40pm. Stand up? Lip sync? It really could be anything, but we can’t wait to find out.

Read our interviews with some of the world’s best drag queens, including RuPaul’s Drag Race legends, by clicking here.

12.45am: Mixnots (District)

An eclectic collective of DJ’s with a one-on-one-off rotation policy. They are Threshold regulars, and always bring the party and the perfect place to end your Friday night. Hopefully this will be the year they finally play New Edition (private joke).

Click here for Threshold Festival 2019 tickets

Saturday 30th March

11am: Ditto Music Talks (Ditto Coffee)

Ditto Music will be holding some talks providing advice on the music industry in the morning, titled Record Label In a Box and General Distribution Roll Out. A must for any creatives attending the festival.

12pm Gang of Five (St. Michael In The City)

Gang of Five are a group of dynamic individuals whose aim is to collaborate in ambitious, challenging and highly artistic projects. Made up of four established artists and a curator, they are brought together by their vision of a DIY aesthetic, illustration, satirical dark humour and social commentary.

1pm: Liverpool Acoustic 24 Hour Songwriting Challenge (24 Kitchen St)

Returning for a second year, Liverpool Acoustic present their 24 Hour Songwriting Challenge. Participants had from 7pm on Tuesday 26th March to the same time the following day to write a song from scratch. Each of the songs will be performed between 1pm and 4pm at 24 Kitchen St and judged on lyrics, melody, composition and originality.

1.50pm: Diversity In Liverpool Arts Panel (92 Degrees Coffee)

Planet Slop are thrilled to be hosting this panel on diversity in the Liverpool art’s scene with artists XamVolo and Iona Fazer, Little Peaches from Secret Circus and Joan Burnett from Film With Pride. We will be discussing both the inspiring work and difficulties faced by artists of colour, the hip hop and R&B scenes, women, the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities and invisible illnesses, and ageism, and how we can move forward as a city.

Read our interview with XamVolo by clicking here, and our interview with Joan Burnett by clicking here.


2.30pm: Jazamin Sinclair (Ditto Coffee)

Jazamin will be performing two sets at Threshold, but this solo set at Ditto Coffee will undoubtedly be the special one. Jazamin gives us folk-punk sounds with biting lyrics and harmonies.

3.15pm: Bangin’ Pans (District)

That Threshold make such an effort to ensure that diversity is not only represented, but discussed every year is one of our favourite things about it. Bangin’ Pans will be talking about music by women – training and supporting the music industry professionals of the future and addressing gender inequality. Check out their workshop at District.

4pm: Impropriety (St Michael In The City)

Impropriety are an improv theatre group who. Even though improv often focusses on comedy, Impropriety equally create moving drama out of absolutely nothing.

Read our interview with Impropriety here.

4.30pm: How To Use Gay Nazis In Job Interviews (Brick Street)

Alexandros Papadopoulos discusses queer media, striptease-lectures, and the art of existential sodomism. He does so with the greatest title for anything that we’ve ever seen.

5pm: The Secret Circus (Brick Street)

The Secret Circus will be bringing their usual hi-jink throughout the day, breaking up the bands with mischief, whether that’s Thaddeus Bent’s ghost stories, or Little Peaches, Claire De Lunacy and Airelle Firecracker’s burlesque.

5.15pm: MARDHYS (Best Before)

A contemporary six piece playing engulfing Folk Fusion music, pulling you into their melodic rhythms and enchanting harmonies.

5.40pm: Geoghegan Jackson (Hobo Kiosk)

Geoghegan Jackson are a Liverpool based acoustic duo whose influences are John Martyn, Patti Smith and Nick Cave. Their new EP Parlour in the Sun is to be released on Lapwing Records.

6pm: Richie Vegas (24 Kitchen St)

One of the finest DJ’s in the city is spinning tunes between bands at 24 Kitchen St. No matter when you catch him, he’s guaranteed to be playing something incredible.


6.10pm: Elevant (Brick Street)

One of the undisputed titans of the Liverpool freak scene, Elevant have promised us some real surprises for their performance this year. Coming, as it does, slap bang in the middle of Secret Circus’ takeover of Brick Street, that could really mean absolutely anything. Consider us intrigued.

7.10pm: Science of the Lamps (Brick Street)

Another of Threshold’s mainstays – Science of the Lamps are perfect for a festival such as this and encompass music, storytelling, art, creative flair, melancholy and silliness – framed in catchy songs, lyrical gems and outstanding musicianship. Like a fevered lab experiment Science of the Lamps has become a beast of proportions, lighting up the crowds at festivals and high profile events alike.

7.45pm: Roxanne De Bastion (92 Degrees Coffee)

Roxanne de Bastion is charming audiences worldwide with her incisive storytelling and emotive folk-pop. Her debut album has been championed by the likes of Janice Long, Chris Hawkins, Gary Crowley and Tom Robinson.

8.25pm: The Tosin Trio (24 Kitchen St)

A powerful amalgamation of rock, soul and blues, The Tosin Trio pack a punch every time they play, with one of the most charismatic band leaders in the city out front, it would have to be pretty catastrophic set of circumstances for them to lose an audience.

9pm: Alex Hulme (Hobo Kiosk)

Folk and acoustic singer-songwriter, loop station addict and odd socks enthusiast Alex blends furocious and captivating live shows with songs crafted to sit in your head. Even Sir Paul McCartney is a fan.

When Alex is finished, perhaps it’s worth running over to 24 Kitchen St to catch the end of Seafoam Green.

9.50pm: BANG BANG ROMEO (District)

A real coup for Threshold, BANG BANG ROMEO are appearing with Popped Music at District right before heading off on a European stadium tour with pop superstar P!nk. Described by NME as “Searing and soulful blues tinged Rock ‘n’ Roll“, they’re bound to make a big impression at Threshold.

Unstoppable Sweeties Show

10.20pm: Unstoppable Sweeties Show (Brick Street)

Taking punk rock to its logical extreme, which apparently means odd time signatures, weird noises, songs from the musicals, diminished chords, pineapple juice, and, of course, rap. Punk, prog, psych, improv, jazz, poetry, noise, et al – presented as three-minute nuggets for your convenience. Unstoppable Sweeties Show are one of our favourite bands in the city right now. In a sense, they’re perfect for Threshold – like the festival itself, you never quite know where it’s all going.

Read our interview with Unstoppable Sweeties Show here.

11pm: SK Shlomo (District)

He has worked with Björk, Damon Albarn, Lily Allen, Jarvis Cocker, Imogen Heap, Martha Wainwright and Rudimental. He is the first ever World Looping Champion. He schooled Ed Sheeran. He has done so much that this entire piece has somehow just become a list of his achievements. And now he’s topping the bill at Threshold. Check out SK Shlomo’s closing set at District.

Read our interview with SK Shlomo here.

12am: CO-LAB Afterparty (Brick Street)

Blitzing Saturday night with House, Tech House, Techno and everything in between. A collaboration between like-minded, 4/4 beat loving ladies, bringing the heat to the dance floor and an incredible way to end Threshold 2019.