The Radar: Warning by the Ocean Waves Band

By Shaun Ponsonby
Fri 01 March, 2019

Following on from last year’s reggae-infused It’s Like, the ambitious Ocean Waves project returns by sprinkling a jazzy feel over the Jamaican sound with Warning. 

Last year, we interviewed Carlo Variola of Ocean Waves about the ongoing project known as the Ocean Waves Band – a cornerstone of what the label wishes to achieve.

He described it as “a project with no rigid musical or geographical borders. We will mainly focus on reggae, funk, R&B and old school hip-hop but the doors are opened for other styles too”.

That first single, a reggae track called It’s Like that was actually recorded in Jamaica, racked up over 30,000 YouTube hits, and many more elsewhere. So it was no surprise that they would follow it up.

And now, they’ve finally done it with Warning.

Ocean Waves Interview: “The Jamaican musicians wanted to live in the moment”

This new song seems to add a touch of jazz to already established reggae sound with a prominent trumpet, which sounds improvised (and if it isn’t, then kudos for making it feel spontaneous) adding flourishes.

The lyrics take on an almost socially conscious slant, providing a warning to “those who make people suffer”. It feels like a song about spiritual karma, that ultimately feels at home in today’s uncertain times.

Perhaps the most interesting element of the track is those jazzy flourishes though. It makes us wonder where the OWB project goes from here. Perhaps next time around, it would be interesting to keep the jazz flourishes and add yet something else on top.

Either way, it is a thrill to have music like this coming out of Liverpool – especially when it sounds as authentic as this.