The Radar: Monochrome by Micayl

Hailing from Germany, but settled in Liverpool. Alan Parry listens to Micayl’s soulful sounds on his debut single.

By Planet Slop
Mon 20 May, 2019
Introducing you to Micayl, a German, Liverpool based songwriter and his debut single Monochrome. Man, is this chilled! It couldn’t be any cooler if it were to be heard pumping out of a pop-up chill out Lounge Bar on the shore of Lake Baikal. It’s just that cool! So, relax, kick off your trabs, settle down and take it all in. There is a lot going on here, Monochrome as a title is deceptive, if not ironic. If you listen closely enough, you will pick up a whole bunch of charged and diverse characteristics. Monochrome is nothing if not a perfectly balanced blend of soul infused hip hop, organic lo-fi jazz, funk and swing. The result is equally retro and contemporary. Refreshing and recognisable. In a word, timeless. I have built playlists based on the so decreed, best music of each year dating back to 1965, this track could seamlessly slot onto many of them.

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I loved it on first listen and should I have had the platform, I may have played it twice back-to-back. From the get go I was intrigued by how this collection of sounds came to manifest themselves in this way. It pays to know something of Micayl’s background. He is more than a composer and songwriter, he’s a producer too. He has contributed most recently to the Pan-European Music Projects Association, which works to bring together artists and sounds from across the continent. Given this context, it is easy to understand how and why such influences as Miles Davis, Bob Dylan and Kendrick Lamar can be picked out. For sure, Micayl is nothing if not fluid. For, as well as his work on the PEMPA, he is an established session musician in both Germany and the UK. I’m certainly excited to hear what comes next.