The Radar: If I Ever by Jazmine Johnson

The debut single from an artist we’ve been following for a while! Gary Dougherty explores Jazmine Johnson’s If I Ever.

By Planet Slop
Wed 19 May, 2021

Is the Liverpool music scene changing? Let’s hope so.

For years Liverpool’s music has been dominated by male guitar bands focusing on old-school rock and roll and an indie vibe. With a heritage that includes The Beatles and Echo and the Bunnymen this is no surprise, but it can often leave other voices disappointingly unheard.

It is against this backdrop that Jazmine Johnson stands out with her bluesy, soulful voice.

Jazmine’s soul and R&B influences are evident and have been intertwined with a pop melody in a song about heartache and the folly of young love. The combination simultaneously has a classic jazz and neo-soul vibe.

We have seen Jazmine perform a number of times, and it’s always been apparent to us that we were perhaps seeing the influence of Amy Winehouse coming home to roost. Not so much in presentation, but in the honesty of her lyricism. Her voice, raw and sincere, blends with the music perfectly. She isn’t singing over some instruments, she is one of the instruments.

Although Jazmine is only in her early twenties, there is a gravitas to both her voice and lyrics that gives them weight. What is striking about her is her maturity, she always comes across as a woman of natural beauty and charm; it is this that shines in her music.

With a debut this strong we can look forward to great things. There have been many soulful voices making their mark in the city over the last few years, and the recent documentary on The Real Thing spotlighted this side of our musical heritage. So, now may be an ideal time for artists like Jazmine to rise above the pack.