The Radar: Every Time by Skinner’s Lane – EXCLUSIVE

Have an exclusive listen to the dynamic new single from Skinner’s Lane.

By Planet Slop
Tue 26 November, 2019

An unorthodox collective of individuals, Skinner’s Lane have been tearing up stages around Liverpool (and beyond) for a while now, quickly gaining a reputation as a dynamic live band that stand out on the vast majority of bills they play on.

We caught them at this year’s Threshold Festival, where their sound was almost too big to contain in the confides of Brick Street.

Their differing backgrounds (California, Norway and Britain) can often make for compelling music, which is clear on their brand new single Every Time, premiering here on Planet Slop.

With a killer riff in play, the track initially comes off as a standard alternative rock romp. But slowly, the band add flourishes of surprise that raises it above. There are some clear psychedelic influences rearing its head during the instrumental section, and singer Zak Langford-Do’s eccentric vocals range from croons to yelps and screams, in an almost Jim Morrison-esque fashion.

This adds up lyrically. According to Langford-Do, the song is about losing touch with reality – and the music complements this descent into absurdity.

The track is released on Thursday 28th November, but you  can have an exclusive listen below.

Click here to presave Every Time.

Lead image by Glyn Kelly