The Radar: Chat Up Lines by Jamie Broad

The stone cold gentleman of Liverpool’s hip hop scene drops his latest track. Planet Slop chuckle along with Jamie Broad on Chat Up Lines.

By Shaun Ponsonby
Fri 23 August, 2019

Jamie Broad is, quite frankly, the stone cold gentleman of the Liverpool hip hop scene. He is affable, charming and utilises that famous scouse humour in his work, and – like The Fresh Prince before him – finding examples of him cramming in swear words to give himself an air of edginess are rare to non-existent.

Not that we oppose bad language, or think that swearing is a result of limited vocabulary. On the contrary; we know lots of words and we still prefer “fuck”. There are just artists for whom the F-bomb would feel disingenuous.

But unlike a Smithian tune such as Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble or A Nightmare on My Street, he doesn’t paint a cartoonish picture either. There is still a rawness to it, and you always feel like you are living in the real world with his work. It also feels like an extension of his true personality, and the things that matter to him. To put it simply; he is just who he is, and makes no qualms about it.

Jamie Broad Interview: “Count how many rappers were on locally, cos there weren’t many”

He describes new single Chat Up Lines as a throwback to the hip hop/R&B crossovers of the late 90s/early 00s, with a chorus taken by special guest vocalist Bex. But, really, there are few people who could have come up with this tune.

Chat Up Lines is what it says on the tin; Broad unleashes a series of cheesy chat up lines that kept us grinning throughout. In the current climate, this could be a potentially dangerous tightrope to walk, but Broad completely avoids sounding creepy or lecherous. This isn’t only due to his natural charm, but a palpable sense of irony. In some ways, it could be viewed as sending up his own image.

It is rare to find an artist this defined on this level. The song brightened up our day – we hope it will brighten up yours too.

Lead image: artist’s Facebook page