KLF Khronicals #17: Or Should That Be D’JAMZ?

We’re already dead, on our way back to Toxteth and pretending nothing major is about to occur. 

By Vicky Pea
Thu 13 September, 2018

The Black Room?

Oi Oi. It’s been a minute since we last delved into the world of Drummond and Cauty and more frequently Co here on these digital pages, but you didn’t think we’d forgotten about it did you?

So, previously on the KLF Khronicals we had a jolly jaunt down to London for Burn The Shard Part 1Now that was some five months ago, “But what’ve the JAMS done for you lately?” I hear you protest. Well let me tell you.

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Upon returning from Burn The Shard Part 1 I found myself a little… burnt out. Since the now legendary events of August 2017 I’ve been on a bit of a mad one. To give you an idea someone I met for the very first time shortly after April’s excursion took to calling me a warrener after just a few mere moments chatting to me.

“A warrener?” I asked baffled as to whether this was about to be a compliment, insult or, fingers crossed, a neutral observation.

A warrener is a gamekeeper who hunts rabbits, commonly by exploring the rabbit burrows, or rabbit holes for a more relevant term in this context.

He was bloody right. Since I put finger to key on this topic 14ish months ago it’s been one deep breath and submergence after the other. It’s been Twitter conversations, Facebook groups, paranoia of missing a development or announcement, articles, YouTube binges, getting lost in Wikipedia trails and book after book after book after book. A content overload.

Whilst I have thoroughly enjoyed it all, even the 2.30am’s watching vloggers talk about singularities and waking up – laptop still open and onto god knows what video – a few hours later, even the infinite amount of open tabs I now live with that relate to, for example, the Kardashev Scale, Moonchild, Fulcanelli, Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Neoplatonism, Gnosticism, Perennial Philosophy and Microdosing just literally to name the ones I can see open now above this page, barely representative of the 14 months that have proceeded. At any given time I must have at least 30 open, patiently waiting for my attention, impossible to escape.

And then there’s the books. I had to buy a new bookcase to save floor space. A selection have been near incomprehensible and have taken re-readings, underlinings, note taking and google searches to get through. Others were tossed aside in cynicism or because a new topic had come along and demanded immediate attention. A magic few barely left my grip until finished, at which point they were flipped over and started again for further understanding.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of what it’s been like. Now Welcome To The Dark Ages can’t take credit for all of it. I’ve always been a warrener really, but what WTTDA did do was make me a warrener first, and functional day to day human being second. It took me a year to return a book I’d borrowed for crying out loud.

Around the same time as BTS Part 1 and to make things more ridiculous I also got a bloody promotion. So my free time got smaller and smaller. And my social life got less and less. Before I knew it I’d stopped tweeting, stopped checking groups, stopped going to the Liverpool Arts Lab, stopped engaging in discussions, abandoned my responsibilities for this very site (sorry Shaun!) and buggered off to mainland Europe for three weeks by myself. A ‘Beat The Brexit Tour‘.

Safe to say that sorted me out. If any of you find yourself at a bit of a standstill grab a bag and go live on trains for a bit. Since then and with the aid of some of my more modern learnings pulled from the rabbit holes I found the balance again and have started to wade back into the shallow end of this strange Esoterically influenced Discordian world I have found myself inhabiting. Boy how I’ve missed it. As I write this I’m intending to return to the Arts Lab this very night to catch up on all I’ve missed and show my appreciation and admiration for their recent rituals.

Now enough about me. I could have just summed up with “I went away for a bit now I’m back” but you know, self indulgence and all.


  1. Daisy Campbell bought her legitimately incredible one woman show Pigspurt’s Daughter to the stage. Honestly I couldn’t have imagined a better way to get back into the groove. Hopefully you’ve seen it yourselves by now and can attest to how remarkable it is. I chuckled throughout, jotted little notes in my phone for future excavation’s (note not exhumations…), felt the well of water in my eyes and felt suitable inspired and rejuvenated before I’d even made it to the train. The perfect way to celebrate my 23rd August.


2. Bricks for life – and death. There’s something rather odd about excitedly receiving a package in the post that will one day contain your remains. New bricks for the original adopters of mummification arrive into homes (remember?), now fired and more sturdy, improving the chances it may make it through to the end of your life in better condition than you. To be fair my original brick is still in fine nick and so I may well find another use for it. Suggestions welcome.


3. The Black Room? The video shown here https://mumufication.com/ appears shortly after the WTTDA one year anniversary and causes a right old buzz the likes of which we’ve been a year without. Naturally everyone in the loop has already given a wide berth to 23rd November in regards to plans anyway but it’s nice to see it officially. The mighty Andy Gell takes mere milliseconds to devour the images and pulls out all sorts of wonderful imagery including a reference to D’ JAMZ, a whole bunch of sugar skulls and most significantly a split second still featuring THE BLACK ROOM. Combined with the soundtrack of the video there are many conclusions that are all to easy to jump to. Could it really be? Maybe. There’s a distracting amount of quotes and references to the mythical record out there to fuel speculation, although I feel expectations are being suitably managed my most in the realisation that we’ll likely only know more come the Toxteth Day Of The Dead.

4. The British Library hosted a two day event in celebration of Ken Campbell. I really tossed and turned on this one. On one hand I knew I desperately wanted to go, knowing I’d not come away disappointed. On the other hand the trains were off to Euston and so a 14 hour round trip on the Megabus was required. Honestly it wasn’t until my alarm went off about 5.30 Saturday morning I actually finally decided to just go with it. What a fine decision. The journey would have been worth it for the newly discovered “unseen” footage of one of Ken’s talks… or performances… or stand up sets. It’s flitters though so many mediums it’s hard to tell. But it was GENIUS. Howls of laughter filled the room regularly, low chuckles made for constant background ambience and occasionally spats of HA from just one or two who must of managed to pick up on what I can only assume were more subtle jibes or ones that required a greater understanding of some of the topics he was currently neck deep in at any given moment.

Every now and then I’d feel a tinge of familiarity that I, and others, identified as “Stewart Lee-ish“. Usually for those moments in which Ken would raise his voice and hammer home the ridiculous or outlandish theory or point he was set on making. I so hope the footage is released or made available in some way as I’d jump at the chance to see it again. A standing ovation for the digitally projected Ken.

Book-ending the “what I learned from Ken” panel that took place mid event featuring Nina Conti, Prunella Gee, Toby Jones and Terry Johnson (cameos from Daisy and Monkey who astounded himself a self by pulling his own head through his arse) was a performance by The School Of Ken that included Oliver Senton, Dylan Emery, Nina Conti, Tom Baker and a host of others. It was my first time seeing almost all of the performers and certainly the first performance of this sort I’d ever witnessed. Seeing something so challenging done with such enthusiasm, joy and fearlessness is incredible, and very very funny so it turns out.

Highlights of mine included a precisely synchronized double act from Daisy and Kate Alderton, Nina Conti’s gut bustingly hilarious mask craft routine, the final dramatic climax of MONSOOOOOON! and actually seeing before me one of the troupe attempt his very first 100 to 0 sonnet. I didn’t want it to end. By after all was said and done I got back on my coach with my new “permission whistle” and we’d broke the bar take record.

That just about brings us up to speed I think. Other honorable mentions include indulging in everyones ‘one year later’ memories and subsequent interior design choices, The 400 Remix Project having raised over £1,000 for The Florrie (!) and of course the ongoing scheming and planning of Day Of The Dead reunions, between all the other scheming and planning that underpins our wonderful shared experience.

So hello again and ta ta for now. See you soon, BRB.

Main image stolen from the great and powerful Andy Gell.


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