Studio 2 Launches Funk and Soul Event

By Planet Slop
Thu 01 March, 2018

Continuing to raise their profile as a music venue, Studio 2 launches Backbone, with a view to becoming a soulful equivalent of Liquidation. 

Studio 2 are launching a brand new club night dedicated to R&B, soul and funk.

Backbone will be held on Friday nights starting tomorrow (2nd March), and will see a host of DJ’s playing classic R&B from the early 60s to the late 70s.

There is a collective of four resident DJ’s; Chris McBride, Tobias Bode, Zack Stoneham and Scarlett Bayliss, with each playing exclusively from vinyl, and meshing their own tastes and styles together, from Howlin’ Wolf to Parliament, with footage from the era playing on the venue’s screens.

The team have been running a smaller scale version of the night after Friday night gigs at Studio 2, and are looking to build the night into something more substantial.

With Studio 2 working hard – and succeeding – in staging more live music events, Backbone looks set to become a central part of their identity, creating a soulful equivalent to the ever-popular Liquidation.

Backbone begins its first proper event at Studio 2 on Friday 2nd March from 7pm and runs until late into the night. Entry is £2.50 on the door.