Star Wars: The Last Jedi – A Spoiler Free Red Carpet Review

By Vicky Pea
Wed 13 December, 2017

Planet Slop offer a spoiler free review straight from the red carpet of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. 

We were lucky enough to attend Tuesday night’s European premiere at London’s Royal Albert Hall and stars, celebrities and selfies aside, the film was freakin’ great.

Screw the history, the Disney buy out, the fans concerns, we’re not going to talk about any of that, we’re just going to talk about this cracking film.

The Last Jedi takes the central premise of Star Wars, that of good versus evil, light versus dark, and presents it in the most tangible and personal way so far.

It puts the struggle, as well as the consequences of losing that struggle, in the hands of a fantastic ensemble cast of characters that throughout the course of the film have you genuinely caring about their outcome. At one point the movie had us gripping our knees ready to let out a loud sob or two as it seems certain one protagonist is done for.

Light vs dark gets concentrated down, from Rebellion vs First Order to its most potent version, that of individual choices and battles.

In this way The Last Jedi has drawn on the successes of Rogue One, delivering a strong but small ensemble of characters in a thrilling setting of action and suspense.

The plot itself picks up immediately from The Force Awakens and follows three distinct subplots of action. As with the previous installment Rey, Finn and Poe are at the centre of it all as The Last Jedi becomes an against the clock chase film of sorts.

Of course it’s no secret that Mark Hamill returns as Luke Skywalker for thankfully, a substantial speaking role! Not just speaking, but sassy. Luke has been away for a while and apparently developed an attitude. It’s Luke as you’ve never seen him before and we’ve got to say we loved it.

A majority of the twists, turns and type of surprises that had the Royal Albert Hall whooping, cheering and clapping on multiple occasions will come in relation to Luke‘s return, but not all by a long shot.

The Disney team seem to have taken a leaf out of Marvel‘s book too for The Last Jedi, because it’s funny. Really funny in places. Not often a word associated with Star Wars but it’s pitched just right and a welcome addition to the franchise. As expected much of it comes from Oscar Isaac‘s Poe, more surprising is how many laughs Hamill gets, as well a couple zingers from Carrie Fisher and the adorable inclusion of the Porgs.

Princess Leia returns in command of the Rebellion‘s fleet in what we now know to be her last reprisal of the role, a reprisal that didn’t go the way we had expected but we don’t want to give anything away.

The Last Jedi doesn’t forget where it came from either in terms of action. Everything you would expect from a Star Wars film is ticked off. High speed chases, suspenseful battles, one on one combat (one of which feels very reminiscent of Empire) all well weaved into the narrative so that none of it feels as though it’s happening ‘just for the sake of it’.

The somewhat surprising stand out role, especially considering some of the reaction to The Force Awakens, has to go to Adam Driver‘s Kylo Ren. The ‘child in a mask‘ grows immensely in The Last Jedi, bringing more depth to this newest of Star Wars villains, holding his own with an esteemed performance alongside some formidable peers.

What The Last Jedi ultimately achieves, building on The Force Awakens, is a platform to launch a truly new generation of Star Wars films. The Force Awakens was widely seen as a glorified remake of A New Hope, albeit a successful and entertaining one. Fans will be relieved to hear that now they have re-captured the audience they may have lost with the prequels, they are setting off on a whole new road. The Last Jedi is categorically not a remake of The Empire Strikes Back.

It’s hard to talk about this without giving away juicy details, but after all is said and done, after these two films, we are looking at a new Star Wars universe. As the credits roll it really does feel like the torch has been passed and we already can’t wait to see what happens next.

The only thing we can really think of to criticise after just the one, slightly inebriated, viewing is the use of one single word. It comes up two or three times and both of Planet Slop‘s attendees noticed it and pointed it out after the screening. We will leave it to you to notice, just a very oddly placed phrase that keeps niggling at us. It’s a little thing but enough to deduct a quarter of a star or so.

All the hype you’ve heard so far is true, there are monumental surprises, unexpected returns, story twists and characters turns. It will have you chuckling, welling up, cheering and more, we just can’t wait for y’all to see it so we can actually natter on about it properly.

Overall: 4.5 slop stars