The Radar: Tabitha Jade ft. Shak Omar – Mindreader

By Shaun Ponsonby
Mon 16 July, 2018

Two of Liverpool’s rising R&B stars join forces, with infectious results. 

Tabitha Jade and Shak Omar are two of the very best rising stars in Liverpool’s R&B scene, so it was only natural they would hook up at some point.

And now they have, with the new single Mindreader.

The track has a clear afrobeat influence, with an infectious groove that will over even the most hardened cynic.

Jade has always had a soulful vibe, her formative years devouring R&B, dance, reggae, jazz, pop and hip hop records, all of this comes out in her music. Mindreader is thoroughly modern, but Jade’s vibe gives it real the song real class. She has also co-produced the track, which shows how much of a force she is to be reckoned with.

It has to be said, this may well be the best performance that Jade has put down on record yet.

Shak Omar’s verse is short but sweet, but their ad-libs towards the end of the song is what really takes it to a new level, where their talents are at their most palpable.

If Liverpool wants to remain relevant musically, both in the UK and internationally, we have to throw our weight behind these guys.