The Radar: Sub Blue – Take a Picture

By Shaun Ponsonby
Fri 18 May, 2018

Sub Blue just dropped the latest single from his upcoming EP, and Shaun Ponsonby can’t help but feel like it could be a game changer for him. 

Sub Blue has performed in another incarnation for a long time. He has but has begun making serious waves performing what is described as “Suburban Blues”.

Today, he dropped Take a Picture from his upcoming debut EP. Astonishingly, it was produced by Sir Dylan and AV, who between them are famous for their work with The Weeknd, Solange, Logic and Frank Ocean.

The track finds Sub Blue in rare form, casting a sharp eye cast over the superficiality of selfie culture.

It would be incredibly easy for this to verge on the preachy, to raise himself above the crowd with odious self-righteousness.

He mercifully avoids this by presenting his observations as just that, with the key line being “I hate the way I love it” – he is part of it. He knows he is part of it. How could he not be? This is a central part of youth culture.

He caps it all off with a heavenly falsetto during the chorus that might just be the finest couple of seconds he has recorded so far. The soul in his voice is indisputable. It lulls you in, perfectly assisted by a dreamy synth.

There are a handful of young R&B artists in Liverpool right now who have the potential to travel far beyond the confines of the city. XamVolo is already on his way. But with Take a Picture, we can’t help but feel like Sub Blue won’t be far behind.