The Radar: Nightmare and Winter Nights by That’s Juvey?

By Shaun Ponsonby
Fri 01 February, 2019

He may be from Ellesmere Port, but That’s Juvey? is a thoroughly scouse MC. Shaun Ponsonby takes in his latest releases.  

We recently saw another local publication asking why scouse hip hop has never quite crossed over – and the answer is simple; the people who need to ask that question are the people who have never supported it.

But, as Planet Slop has consistently stated, the scene is thriving on a whole ‘nother level. There is a bite and urgency to local MC’s that we see in few of the championed rock acts on the scene, and there are many we could place our bets on.

That’s Juvey? is one of those MC’s. Though hailing from Cheshire, with beats provided by Manchester’s Pro P, he has made a name for himself in the scouse scene. This makes sense with the witty charm that penetrates many of the Liverpool artists, and his latest tracks – Winter Nights and Nightmare – prove this beyond doubt.

What is notable about the two tracks is how they do both sound like they came from the same artist, but are markedly different sounding. Both also feel like they were written to be soundtracks to specific parts of the year.

Winter Nights is in the here and now in more ways than one. A perfect song to relieve the grump as temperatures plummet. It is gritty and unconventional; superbly underground.

Nightmare, though, has a retro feeling to it. This probably shouldn’t be surprising with the references to Freddie Krueger from the Nightmare On Elm Street series. It does, in fact, evoke memories of hip hop’s earliest days which coincided with the popularity of Wes Craven’s franchise, with scratching right out of the DJ Jazzy Jeff and Jam Master Jay school. Its golden age hip hop with a modern twist.

There are undoubtedly great things coming from That’s Juvey? He has recently been accepted on a six month mentorship with Sound City headliner Loyle Carner with Levi’s.

It’s a big step not just for him, but for the scouse hip hop scene generally which is slowly getting the attention it deserves.