The Radar: Money by The Tosin Trio

By Shaun Ponsonby
Wed 19 December, 2018

About Time? You bet! With their debut EP finally due for a 2019 release, Eve Marie-Connolly hails the Tosin Trio’s debut video. 

The Tosin Trio is the brain child of Tosin Salako, guitarist, singer and songwriter who is heavily influenced by a fusion of musical styles.

The Tosin Trio refer to themselves as an “amalgamation of Blues, Funk, Rock and Soul and sometimes even Jazz,” and have released Money as a single ahead of their forthcoming 2019 EP About Time – aptly titled given how long they have been a live favourite in the city.

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The song begins with an earworm of a guitar riff that gets the head permanently bopping and is complemented by the song’s low key music video showing the band grooving and almost seamlessly creating rhythm.

Tosin feels the music and is the perfect frontman – one of the most charismatic in the city, and the centrepiece of the song is probably the guitar solo where he shows off his musicality.

Money is a feel good song with a cheeky sense of humour. The contemporary blues that the Tosin is bringing to the city of Liverpool seems to be a gift that keeps on giving.