The Irenes
The Irenes

The Radar: Maniac by The Irenes

By Alan Parry
Wed 05 December, 2018

An anthem of arena sized proportions, Alan Parry takes a listen to The Irenes’ Maniac.

The Irenes’ Maniac is the follow up single to the well-received debut effort Paper Thin Excuses, and its one catchy number.

The band has roots in both California and Liverpool, and there is a definitive vibrancy to be found in this latest track that parallels some of their forefathers in both regions. Indeed, the opening “whoa-oh-ohs” may well have you singing along in just four seconds, before you’ve bopped your head and tapped your toes.

This is the sort of fare that gets a local community buzzing for live music. There are anthemic qualities, and more technical features which are owed to the likes of Queen perhaps.

Rating Queen: Planet Slop ranks every single album

But, to distil a piece of music into just a couple of hundred words can be a difficult task. It’s simply not possible to convey everything the artists are offering here. One way to address this is to throw a number of buzzwords at you, so here goes; punchy, dynamic, and funky and familiar. Each is just as true as the last.

This is not the type of music that will break down barriers, although it is lyrically quite substantial and somewhat empowering for the listener. Indeed, one cannot help but wonder what personal experience bore this. I believe that it’s the repetition of the big chorus and the festivalesque chanting which serve to drive the song on to its climax.

The band are already a fixture on the local live music scene, and with more offerings are surely set for bigger things.