The Radar: Heavy Head by Good Problems

By Alan Parry
Wed 05 December, 2018

After impressing us with their debut single Curio, Good Problems take Alan Parry to the next level with their follow up. 

Liverpool-based, and self-styled ‘mongrel rock’ four piece Good Problems are back with their latest effort Heavy Head and it doesn’t disappoint. The band’s debut single Curio left us wanting more back in the spring and they have certainly delivered once again.

It should be noted that there is little deviation from the debut single, but this offering has a more melancholic feel and despite some obvious influences from further afield, the new track and its accompanying video have a distinctly British feel – which is somewhat ironic given that in Jen they  have a Canadian vocalist.

Add this to the soulfulness of Jen’s voice and it’s clear to understand why the band are starting to make waves. There are similarities that could be made with some of the more obscure indie bands, but for this writer that is no bad thing and I am excited about which direction they are going to take their work in, more so than those now long since forgotten acts from the late nineties and early noughties.

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There was a time when I liked my music to be drab and rather serious, but I am developing my tastes, so what is perhaps most striking is the amount of fun the band appear to be having.

Undoubtedly, the video is not as polished as it could be with a bigger budget, but it has plenty of personality and perhaps the DIY feel is part of its appeal. It’s entertaining employment of tropes and concepts only enhance the nostalgic vibe I am getting from the whole experience would help make up some of that lost ground. I’m now looking forward to getting to see the band live thanks to a genuine affection for the deceptive familiarity they elicit.

Lead image by Jluxx from artist’s Facebook page