The Radar: Good Problems – Curio

By Shaun Ponsonby
Thu 08 March, 2018

Finding a sweet spot that is difficult to occupy, Shaun Ponsonby is introduced to the grungy fuzz pop of Good Problems. 

Good Problems are a four piece band based in Liverpool, describing themselves as “mongrel rock”.

Whatever “mongrel rock” is, it certainly makes an impression.

Their debut single, Curio, has been released over the last few weeks and presents a grungy fuzz pop that is strangely enticing.

They seem to have successfully created a balance that is difficult to occupy; a perfect juxtaposition between upbeat and moody. Rarely do bands so early in their career manage to hit that sweet spot, even Motown took a few years to balance optimistic music with heartbroken lyrics.

The song’s main riff glides along breezily, before vocalist Jen Baranick enters, singing with an almost distant melancholy.

If the song makes an impression, the video only drives it home.

Mainly animated – both computer generated and what at least seems to be Claymation (though may also be computer generated) – it feels both retro and futuristic, with what I at least considered to be vague pop culture references littered throughout. Surely Baranick’s lips singing the song in space is a reference to Science Fiction/Double Feature in the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

As a first release, it is truly fascinating, and we can’t wait to see where they go next.

Image: artist’s Facebook page