Oscar and Felix Shepherd (c) Lewis Left
Oscar and Felix Shepherd (c) Lewis Left

The Radar: Everything Is Imagined by Everything Is Imagined

By Planet Slop
Wed 19 December, 2018

Joyous, yet emotional, Eve Marie-Connolly finds Everything Is Imagined deeper on repeated listens with a special mix of their self-titled tune. 

Oscar (20) and Felix (18) Shepard of Everything is Imagined are here to spread an emotional yet joyous message through their music, and with a new mix of their self-titled song (which should really be their mission statement), they have continued this rhetoric.

The siblings, with lead singer Oscar a final year student at the University of Liverpool, have achieved a lot within the UK’s festival circuits this year with their own brand of electropop and house music.

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Oscar himself attributed the message of their music to “a generation of people swamped by the effects of technology and social media”. From repeated listens, this supposedly superficial layer of danceable pop reveals a deeper social meaning, which makes the boys’ music which makes it all the more relatable.

The song’s lyrics combined with the chord progressions create an emotional and deep quality to the nature of the band’s musicality, and what is to come from their music along with their youthful philosophy on the world.