The Radar: Barney Goodall – Aporia

By Planet Slop
Wed 30 May, 2018

Evoking a touch of Scott Walker with a dose of progressive pop, James Lewis feels like Barney Goodall has found his own sound.  

Barney Goodall has been releasing singles for the last year or two, from the haunting Golden Age to the beautifully woven Mass.

However, with his latest single Aporia, it’s safe to say that the multi-instrumentalist and producer has hit his stride and fully formed his identity.

Lyrically, the song appears to touch upon the confusion currently being faced by society at large – a theme that is underlined by the song’s video, with the fabric of time appearing to occur in a bizarre, non-linear fashion. He paints a series of vivid images with his words.

The song seems to owe much to the progressive pop of the 80s, with Peter Gabriel springing to mind, along with Tears For Fears’ The Seeds of Love record, perhaps even Steven Wilson.

It is piano driven, but with a slightly more modern sounding backbeat, which creates a weird sense of foreboding. He croons over this dreamy backdrop, evoking a touch of Scott Walker.

At over six minutes, Aporia might not be the most accessible of his releases so far, but it is certainly his most accomplished. There is a mystery to it that keeps you guessing, until it eventually just stops dead.

Now that he has hit upon something that is unique, it will be fascinating to see where he takes it.