The Radar: Andy Weaver – Pink Light EP

By Shaun Ponsonby
Mon 16 July, 2018

Planet Slop looks at a debut solo EP from a regular face on the Liverpool music scene that encompasses jazz, funk, electronica, soul and hip hop. 

Andy Weaver is a familiar face to anyone who moves within the more soulful side of Liverpool’s music scene.

With stints in a number of bands, as well as performing with the likes of XamVolo, his sax has been a regular fixture. And now he has released his debut solo EP.

One listen through Pink Light makes us wonder why he waited so long to do it. Jazz, funk and electronica come together in perfect harmony here. It’s danceable, yet chilled. Perfect for the kind of weather we’ve been experiencing this summer.

The four tracks share an electronic feel, but use it in their own, unique ways. Opener Like You Like That feels most influenced by 90s acid jazz, and closer Visual Noise wouldn’t sound out of place on a Jungle album.

The two tracks in the middle of the release feature guest vocalists. Weaver’s Galactic Funk Militia bandmate Amber Kuti is an expected cameo, taking Move right back to church, making it probably the most soulful cut on the release.

But the highlight is arguably the almost-title track Pink Light Vibing, featuring rapper Remy Jude. His appearance is a brilliant juxtaposition against Weaver’s dreamy electronic back drop, bringing us right back down to Earth.

Perhaps the greatest compliment we can give is that there’s far more going on throughout Pink Light than it seems at any moment. Repeated listens are required to pinpoint it all.

We can only hope that he doesn’t throw himself back into session work too soon.