Queen Zee & Sonic Yootha Join Forces For Sassden 002

By Planet Slop
Fri 15 December, 2017

The trans power punk band and LGBT social event play Sound in January. 

Queen Zee & The Sasstones are returning with their second regular Sassden events in January, including a very special show in Liverpool featuring Sonic Yootha DJs.

The Sasstones have fast become one of the most popular bands in Liverpool, and have been taking their show across the country over the last few months, including tours with Cabbage and Marmozets.

If that isn’t enough their latest single Idle Crown received its first play on Radio 1, whilst the video received its premiere via Kerrang.

LGBT+ issues are central to the band, particularly transgender rights. Many of their shows raise money for trans charities, and frontperson Zee – who came out as transgender during the band’s rise – is an outspoken activist for the cause.

That said, at their core they are simply a bitchin’ DIY punk band. Their performances can often feel like witnessing some kind of warped second coming, where Jesus showed up in drag and threw a basement party.

These will be the band’s first shows of 2018, which is already shaping up to be a big year for them.

Sonic Yootha meanwhile have been credited by some for “saving” Liverpool’s gay scene. Their posters say it best “A monthly new wave, old rave, disco, electro, rock, pop and soul social for homos, heteros, drag shows & don’t knows”. The crowd at Sonic Yootha is a true melting pot, and perhaps this is why some have said it has saved Liverpool’s gay scene. They provide a level of relaxed inclusivity. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming – everyone is invited.

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To that end, both the Sasstones and Yootha have played a role in the massive turnaround in queer culture that the city has been party to recently.  It is a gradual process, but the popularity of both, along with other new events such as EAT ME + Preach, Beers For Queers, Lez Be Avin It and the continued success of the likes of the House of Suarez’s Vogue Ball and Homotopia.

Sassden is shaping up to being a major contribution to this diversity in the LGBT+ scene, adding a an ingredient that has been missing; queer punk. Sassden 001 featured a packed Sound basement, and the next will likely build on the success of the first, especially with the presence of Yootha. We would recommend getting tickets ahead of time.

As Zee herself says, with tongue firmly in cheek; “It’s not making punk any better, just making night life worse“.

As well as Queen Zee & The Sasstones and Sonic Yootha, Sassden 002 will feature live performances from III and Incisions, as well as a DJ set from Asylums on Fire.  

The band have also announced a Manchester Sassden the night before, where they will be once again be joined by Incisions and Asylums on Fire, along with Thirsty Girls Collective.

A second wave of acts, including drag queens and cabaret, are expected to be announced after Christmas.

Sassden 002 takes plays at Jimmy’s, Manchester on Friday 26th January and Sound, Liverpool on Saturday 27th January 2018. Advance tickets for both are available now from See Tickets.