Preview: The Vogue Ball 2017 – Se7en Deadly Sins

By Planet Slop
Sat 07 October, 2017

Ready to strike a pose? House of Suarez are bringing The Vogue Ball back to the Invisible Wind Factory this month.

The Vogue Ball is returning to the Invisible Wind Factory this month, and organisers House of Suarez are promising it will be the most fabulous yet.

Taking place at the Invisible Wind Factory, The Vogue Ball will transform the dockside venue in breath-taking fashion to reflect the theme of the 2017’s theme, Se7en Deadly Sins. Included will be a 100 foot catwalk reminiscent of 1970s and 1980s New York at its most glamorous.

The ball invites the best Vogue teams (known as ‘Houses’) to battle it out in a fight for ultimate dance supremacy. And all Voguers’ favourite parts of the evening are back once again, along with a new category for 2017 – the Lip Sync Battle.

A mainstay of queer culture for decades, voguing was is an amalgamation of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs and the famous model poses of Vogue magazine. It arose from Harlem ballrooms by African American drag queens of the early 1960s and their tradition in throwing “shade”. Over the years, the dance evolved into the more intricate and acrobatic.

It became more well known internationally thanks to the award winning 1990 documentary Paris Is Burning (currently available on Netflix) and, of course, Madonna’s hit Vogue from the same year.

The increasingly popular Vogue Ball is the ultimate dance event, and will doubt prove once again to be the most fabulous evening in the city.

The House of Suarez Vogue Ball 2017: Se7en Deadly Sins takes place at the Invisible Wind Factory on Saturday, 21st October. Tickets are available now.