Preview: Sleeper at Arts Club, Liverpool

By Planet Slop
Tue 06 February, 2018

Sleeper return after 20 years of silence, kicking off their tour at Liverpool’s Arts Club.

After an almost 20 year hiatus 90’s Britpop band Sleeper are back on tour.

Will this be a nostalgia filled, cynical attempt to make money or does it reflect a genuine desire to make music again? We will have to wait and see.

But perhaps now it is a better time for Sleeper. If being a female-fronted, indie guitar band now is difficult, it was even worse in the laddish 90s Britpop environment.

Now that the dinosaur critics have lost their influence, hopefully frontwoman Louise Wener will no longer be pilloried for daring to be a woman in rock.

It’s not like Wener has been idle in the intervening years. After Sleeper split in 1998 she took up writing and has published four novels. To her own surprise she has also become a mother and discovered that, despite the naysayers of the early 90’s, it can be OK to be a parent.

With support from rising stars Pink Kink, the tour kicks off in Liverpool at the Arts Club on 1st March before moving on to sell out gigs around the country. Along the way they pick up support from Yassassin, Lottery Winners and Lucia.