Preview: The Selecter & The Beat feat. Ranking Roger at the Olympia

By Planet Slop
Tue 19 December, 2017

A perfect night for 2-Tone fans, as two of the most iconic groups of the movement join forces at the Olympia. 

Two of the defining 2-Tone bands are joining forces at Liverpool’s Olympia this week; The Selecter and The Beat.

The Selecter are led by iconic frontwoman Pauline Black, and co-fronted by her musical spouse Arthur ‘Gaps’ Hendrickson.

There was always an anarchic passion that fuelled Selecter gigs during the 2-Tone era, and this has not diminished over time. Not only this, but their latest material is matching their old hits, and fitting perfectly alongside the likes of Three Minute Hero and On My Radio.

They last played Liverpool at the Positive Vibration reggae festival, where they stormed the show.

The Beat are still fronted by Ranking Roger and released their first album in over 30 years last year. Titled Bounce, it shows off every aspect of one of the most musically diverse bands to come out of the multiracial, multicultural explosion that remade British pop from 1979.

The same energy that drove the hit singles of the 80s, such as Mirror In The Bathroom, Stand Down Margaret and Too Nice To Talk To still exists both on record and on stage. That reggae looseness with razor-sharp wit and anarchy of punk. It still exists. And a band like The Beat, and indeed The Selecter, are just as important now as they were when they first formed. These same issues still exist today, and it makes these songs as vital as ever.

This pairing is a rare treat for 2-Tone fans. Both bands are renowned for their live shows, so seeing them together will be nothing short of extraordinary.

The Selecter and The Beat feat. Ranking Roger play the Olympia, Liverpool on Saturday, 23rd December 2017. Tickets are available now.

Image by Mark Holmes