Preview: Ruby Wax at The Playhouse, Liverpool

By Planet Slop
Mon 19 February, 2018

Ruby Wax, tireless campaigner for mental health issues, brings her one-woman show to Liverpool. Gary Dougherty with the details. 

There was a time when the mentally ill were locked away, ridiculed and laughed at. Thankfully, we live in more enlightened times, but that shouldn’t mean we can’t still laugh about mental illness.

Comedy, especially satire, has long been used to tackle difficult issues like politics, adolescence and divorce. So why not mental illness? With Ruby Wax, stalwart of the 80’s alternative comedy scene, bringing her new one-woman show to the Liverpool Playhouse in April hopefully we can look forward to a night of mindfulness and laughter.

Based on her best selling book, Frazzled A Guide To Mindfulness, Ruby will host a Forum For Discussion on 6th and 7th of April.

Tickets are on sale now from here.