Preview: Psycho Comedy Presents Welcome To Smashville

By Alan Parry
Mon 02 July, 2018

Psycho Comedy present a whole new concept this week; Smashville. Alan Parry has the lowdown.

Saturday July 7, 2018 is an important date for many, as it’s the day England will find out who their World Cup semi-final opponents will be, should they be fortunate enough to progress that far.

But aren’t you bored of the seemingly endless sports coverage?

We’re here to tell you that you should not be missing Psycho Comedy Presents: Welcome to Smashville at The Royal Standard, Liverpool, as it promises to be an intoxicating evening.

‘What is it?‘ I can hear you asking.

Allow us to explain.

Psycho Comedy are a Liverpool based art collective, which started out as a band but soon realised that music alone didn’t allow them to fully express themselves.

As such, they are a fixture on the local music scene, and are driven by the Psycho Comedy concept conceived by founder member Shaun Powell. Their output today encapsulates live music, performance, spoken word and visual art, and stimulates a whole host of sensations and emotions simultaneously.

Powell describes the concept as a ‘schizophrenic acquaintance’ of himself, which delves introspectively in and out of ‘two mindsets and ways of life; the debauched and the candid’. This show introduces us to the conceptual town of Smashville, where the goings on run parallel to real life, but morality is absent.

It’s an image heavily influenced by a number of New York artists, such as Patti Smith and Lou Reed, whose portrayals of their genuine struggles have captivated and inspired many people for decades.

This is an evening, and show that is capable of evoking tears and laughter, of exciting you, and scaring you. It’s certainly not to be missed because of the football.

Psycho Comedy Presents Smashville takes place at The Royal Standard on Saturday 7th July 2018. Advanced tickets are priced at £6 and can be purchased from Eventbrite (click here).