Preview: Nightmares On Wax

By Planet Slop
Wed 10 January, 2018
 Nightmares on Wax is about to come crashing into the Invisible Wind Factory. Paul Riley with the lowdown.

If you haven’t heard of Nightmares on Wax, you really should remedy this situation at your earliest convenience. You’ll find them in many a student digs, the warm and welcoming soundtrack to hazy, hot-boxed post-gig sessions.

In fact, if this name is new to you, you should probably go out and buy a couple of albums post haste. Smoker’s Delight and Carboot Soul are two albums in particular that deserve a place in any record collection.

DJ E.A.S.E. and various co-conspirators have been releasing music since 1989 and were one of the first acts signed to the legendary WARP Records, which is fitting given their Yorkshire provenance and their explorations in experimental electronica and hip-hop.

They have continued to release sporadically, racking up seven studio albums and numerous other releases since 1991’s A Word of Science: The First and Final Chapter, but since 2007 it has all been a little quiet.

However, we are all rather excited at the moment, having wrapped our ears around Back to Nature, the lead single from the upcoming album, and if that wasn’t enough, there is the prospect of a short UK tour with full live band to look forward to.

Happily, Liverpool’s Invisible Wind Factory will be hosting Nightmares on Wax on 9th February. The new album Shape the Future will be released on WARP Records on 26th January.