Preview: Jim Jeffries at the Manchester Apollo

By Alan Parry
Wed 06 December, 2017

The Australian comedian takes a break from his popular late night show to tour the UK. Alan Parry reports. 

Jim Jefferies brings his latest in-your-face live show, The Unusual Punishment Tour to the Manchester Apollo for two gigs on January 20th and 25th.

He is the creator and star of fan favourite sitcom Legit, and perhaps the most candid of all the late-night US talk and satire shows, The Jim Jefferies Show. He is widely renowned for his somewhat explicit and often shocking material. So be prepared!

But to be shocking is simplistic, and Jefferies is better than that. His style navigates a minefield that few of his peers dare to cross. Whether that comes in the form of challenging American thinking on gun control, or considering the morality of paying for sex for a disabled friend.

Having started his career as a stand-up in his native Australia, Jefferies soon relocated to the United Kingdom where he flourished. His reputation grew exponentially as he made appearances at several festivals and the television work followed. He has appeared as a guest on the long-running BBC panel-show Have I Got News for You? among others.

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Infamously, Jefferies was attacked on-stage at a 2007 live performance to the Manchester Comedy Store. But, rather than allowing this incident to silence him or force him to tone down his act, Jefferies turned it to his advantage. Indeed, when he crossed the Atlantic, many comedy fans were acutely aware of who he was and just what he does after the clip of the incident went viral.

Although, regrettably his sitcom was cancelled after just two seasons, with FX citing low viewing figures as their reason, it retains an astronomical rating on rottentomatoes.com, which highlights the extent to which he and his material resonates.

Moreover, Jefferies has produced three specials for streaming giants Netflix, which serve as a testimony to his popularity and his fanbase’s desire to hear more of his cutting social commentary. It seems that Jefferies understands and appreciates the power of stand-up comedy, and how an unsanitised rambling from a bloke with a microphone can enlighten an audience by accenting harsh societal truths.

Jimmy Carr once said that his favourite sound at a gig is that of a live audience laughing uncontrollably, followed by a gasp of horror at what they just laughed that at. Jefferies certainly elicits this in spades.

Jim Jeffries plays the Manchester Apollo on January 20th and 25th 2018. Tickets are available now.

Image: Jim Jeffries’ Facebook page