Preview: Insane Clown Posse at Manchester Academy

By Planet Slop
Thu 19 October, 2017

It may be Halloween time but Michael Edwards has a very different reason for getting out the face paints as ICP head our way. 

It’s been a long time (14 years to be exact) since ICP have brought their unique, undeniably entertaining live show to the UK, and the announcement of a 2017/18 UK tour has Juggalo’s up and down the country bubbling with excitement.

Enjoying a long and prosperous career, ICP have become known for their controversial style. Splashed with elements of hip-hop, horrorcore and metal – and of course the legendary face paint.

These are some wicked clowns with a lot to say, with over 14 official albums (excluding solo projects). Tuesday 21st November marks their arrival in Manchester, for what promises to be a night to remember at the Manchester Academy.

Get ready for Faygo, face paint and hatchets-a-plenty! The Juggalo invasion is upon us!

  • Photo taken from artists Facebook page.