Premiere: Shy Billy unleash new single Waiting Gracefully

By Vicky Pea
Wed 07 June, 2017

Shy Billy premiere their latest single, Waiting Gracefully, exclusively with Planet Slop.

When you see the words Shy Billy you can bet your house on a few things. Raw energy, riffs that nurse earworms for days, show stealing stage presence and unapologetic rock n roll.

Stalwarts of the North West’s live music scene for some time now Shy Billy (previously Lying Bastards but unfortunately radio busy bodies couldn’t cope with such entirely foul language) either don’t know where the break pedal is or they just don’t have any intention of using it as they waste no time in following up from their last release, May’s Shoelaces, with barrelling new track Waiting Gracefully.

The track begins with a Rolling Stones-esque incline, working its way swiftly through the gears with just enough time for your feet to familiarise themselves to the stomping beat before the rest of the band join in and everything comes together in that trademark Shy Billy style. Like so many times before they manage to keep everything just that little bit gritty, an act just on the edge of swerving out of control, all the while injecting shots of irresistibly catchy – dare we say – pop. But of course it wouldn’t be rock n roll without a screeching guitar solo and don’t they know it.

The single comes from their forthcoming debut EP Jaguar Fountain due for release later this summer and sets them up perfectly for their next live appearance at 24 Kitchen Street where on June 23rd Shy Billy will join a stella line up in support of Get Up Stand Upa gig to raise awareness surrounding the threat of gentrification (purchase tickets here).

With 5 star reviews from recent appearances at FestEVOL and their own headline shows from up and down the UK, plus increasing popularity across Europe (having recently shot up the Dutch indie charts) it’s never a dull night when these boys are back in town so get yourself a ticket and memorise this three and a half minute riot for a guaranteed good time.

Waiting Gracefully is released on June 26th but you can listen to it now exclusively here.