Premiere: Limerance lay bare their debut single Shine On

By Glyn Akroyd
Wed 19 July, 2017

Glyn Akroyd exclusively premieres Limerance’s debut single, Shine On, with Planet Slop. 

Jenny Coyle and Callum Gilligan met at an open mic night in Liverpool and were so enamoured of each other’s talents that they decided to try playing as a duo.

Their live shows over the last few months have garnered much praise and barely a year after that first meeting they have released a debut single, Shine On.

Anyone who has seen them play live will know that there is a special chemistry at work when these two get together, their harmonies are simply quite beautiful and their joy in performing lights up a room. Could they recreate that chemistry in the recording studio? Even a cursory listen to Shine On would suggest that they can.

As well as sounding great their live shows have shown that Coyle and Gilligan have the songs to match their voices, and Shine On is no exception. Recorded by Mark Coyle (Oasis/Inspiral Carpets) at his Lancashire studio, the harmonies are intact and finely balanced.

A deceptively simple song about a love that cannot be, an ‘if only’ moment of reflection, its four short verses (two for each of the love lorne protagonists) set the scene and from there the repeated earworm of a chorus does its lovely work.

The melody is memorable and the lightness of Coyle and Gilligan’s voices as they weave seamlessly gives the piece an airy, floating feel. Gilligan’s nimble fingered picking adds to that effect, gently underpinning and propelling the melody.

A lovely fadeout leaves you reaching for the play button again and again and this is a joyful slice of summer sun which will see us through to Limerance’s EP launch in September.

Shine On is out 20th July 2017 but you can listen to the track now exclusively here.

Buy Shine On from iTunes here.

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