Poem: Tom Florence – Autopilot

By Planet Slop
Wed 18 October, 2017

Poetry is a new form to Tom Florence, but it is clear from his poem, Autopilot, that he is an exciting young writer. He is currently working on a novel, and has written three short films — one earned him a runner up spot in the ‘Film the House’ competition.  

AUTOPILOT by Tom Florence


Make sure your seat is in the upright position as I turn on autopilot.


This will consist of turbulent conversation

where you’re laughing

and I’m sad inside.

However, don’t panic.

You will not notice the pilot’s absence into deep thought as the combination of sayings, malapropism, and old jokes will make it look like everything is in usual order.


Food can be consumed as usual; perhaps use this as an excuse to move away from the social setting.

In case of an emergency, oxygen will be administered while the pilot breathes. And moves everything back in order.


Tom is a musician, magician, writer, filmmaker and now, a poet too. His influences include Dr Suess and Edgar Allan Poe. You can follow him on twitter here