Poem: Dun Laoghaire by David Subacchi

By Planet Slop
Wed 06 September, 2017

David Subacchi studied at the University of Liverpool and has published five collections of poetry. He writes in English, Welsh, and Italian. David regularly performs at spoken word events in Liverpool.


A doorway in Dun Laoghaire

sharing a takeaway

only one night left

ferry sailing next day.

Searching for the craic

a guy smiled and pointed

to the edge of town

asked, ‘Am I included?’

Audible from afar

mandolin, banjo, guitar,

songs of rebellion

in a room above a bar.

Porter and whiskey

fueling imagination

farewell emerald island

of magic and sensation.

Halfway back

homeward bound

heads spinning

aching for firm ground.

David Subacchi


Our thanks to David for sharing his work with Planet Slop. Find more about David Subacchi and his poetry here.