International Womens Day
International Womens Day

Planet Slop’s International Women’s Day Playlist

By Planet Slop
Thu 08 March, 2018

Through 100 songs and artists, we trace popular music history through some of the greatest women in hip pop rock ‘n’ soul, and everything in between.

Unless you have been stuck without Wi-Fi all day, you will probably be aware that today is International Women’s Day.

We of course wanted to commemorate the occasion. But how?

We could have prepared a series of think pieces, or prepared some kind of artist spotlights, or celebrated particular feminist movements through art. But really, how much could we capture a big enough scope of women in music that way?

So, we decided to let women in music speak for themselves through their art.

We went to our pool of contributors and asked everyone who their most inspirational women in music are. Who has inspired them?

What we got back was a hugely eclectic group of artists and songs that we have ordered loosely chronologically. This means that taken as a whole, you almost get a sense of the history of popular music from the female perspective.

Obviously we could have gone on forever, so we limited it to 100 songs, with no artist appearing twice.

So from Hadda Brooks to Janelle Monae, encompassing everything from jazz to grime, gospel to grunge, hip hop to glam, folk to punk, reggae to electro, the avant garde to the pop, the first ever all-female rock band (Liverpool’s own The Liver Birds) – and making sure we include the transgender women who are so often forgotten – this is Planet Slop’s special International Women’s Day playlist.