Jack O’ Lantern In Woodland With Mist
Jack O’ Lantern In Woodland With Mist

Planet Slop’s Halloween Playlist

Planet Slop’s Glorified Jukebox ensures your Halloween gets off to a flying start with a spooktastic set of hip pop rock & soul tunes to turn your blood cold. 

By Shaun Ponsonby
Mon 28 October, 2019

We like to throw a party in the Planet Slop base – and Halloween is the best excuse to beat your face in make-up, fake blood and dance like you’re possessed.

Last week we took requests from the ladies, gentlemen and the 74 other gender options on Facebook who make up the Planet Slop team for the best Halloween songs they could muster, whether they genuinely gave them the jeepers creepers or had them killing themselves laughing.

We’re an eclectic bunch, but whether you’re after hip hop, rock, metal, soul, funk, blues, dance tunes or out and out pop, we got it all covered in this chilling collection of 50 disturbing songs for your twisted delight.

So, listen on to hear Travis Scott give you goosebumps, Judas Priest‘s touch of evil, John Cooper Clarke‘s marriage to a monster from outer space, Ras Kass‘ vampiric interview, Nelly Furtado LITERALLY EATING MEN, and whatever the hell was going on in Alice Cooper‘s head on DaDa

…that is, if you dare…