Photo Gallery: The Rolling Stones, Old Trafford: Manchester

By Planet Slop
Sun 10 June, 2018

Planet Slop & Sakura join the tens of thousands making the pilgrimage to Manchester to see Rock n Roll’s living legends. 

Naysayers, be gone.

Last week The Rolling Stones finally returned to Manchester after some 15 years and if that time has taught us anything it’s that the spectacle that is the Stones is only getting bigger.

The allure that beckons so many thousands may have changed over the years, after all it’s been half a century, and what once was a night seeing the world’s favourite counterculture act for a few quid is now more of a trip to see Rock n Roll’s greatest (still) living legends for the price of a small holiday.

And that’s ok. If you spend 50 years doing a job really really bloody well, better than anyone else, I hope you get paid a shit tonne of money too when you’re in your 70’s and still out performing all the new pretenders to your throne.

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Photos by Sakura

If anything the thrill is only enhanced by their greater number of years. Will they fall over… won’t they… oh christ Mick don’t jump so close to the edge, oh shit Keith’s busted out into a jog. It really does get the blood pumping. Jokes aside, there isn’t even a split second where any kind of physical disaster looks likely.

Mick runs, struts and boogies about with an astounding amount of energy, a suspicious amount if you ask me. If you don’t come out in a full on grin when he turns to your section of the crowd and seduces you in clap, whoop, sway or cheer then there’s something wrong with you.

The tour may be titled No Filter but it may as well read Greatest Hits. Although to be fair you could pick any 20 random tracks from their half century long career and odds are you’d get damn close to a greatest hits set any way.

With a big chunk of Let It Bleed included to our delight, including a rousing Gimmie Shelter, it was the ‘everybody knows’ sing alongs that resulted in the highlights of the night. Old Trafford crooned it’s way though You Can’t Always Get What You Want, the WOO WOOO’s of Sympathy For The Devil rang out long after the set had come to a close, as did the irresistible hook from Miss You.

Keith charmed taking the lead for two tracks, though in our hearts we did long for a rendition on Connection.

And “after all is said and done” any niggling doubts you had about the big pile of cash you laid down to see them are expelled, you thank your lucky stars you had the chance in the first lace and optimistically await the next one, after all “we’re just getting started really”. Well according to Keith.

Photo gallery shot by and provided to Planet Slop courtesy of Sakura