Nina Nesbitt Interview: “If you have a good time, then make the most of it”

Having supported a host of A listers and scored her own hits, Dan Spelman talks to the imitable Nina Nesbitt ahead of her performance at next weekend’s Fusion Festival.

By Planet Slop
Thu 22 August, 2019

Nina Nesbitt was born and raised in Scotland, but having toured with the likes of Justin Bieber, Jake Bugg, Lewis Capaldi, Example and Jess Glynne and with her debut album reaching number one in Scotland, it’s clear that she is going places.

She is an artist with the honesty of a singer-songwriter, with the flair of a pop star, able to shift seamlessly between the two.

She returns to Liverpool next weekend to play Fusion Festival in Sefton Park.

Planet Slop: Let’s talk about your new album The Sun Will Come Up. What’s the story behind it?

Nina Nesbitt: That album was written mainly about finding yourself, coming out a difficult period of in your life started coming out the other end. I chose that title to sort of remind people whatever they’re going through isn’t permanent so you have a bad time that is going to get better and if you have a good time then make the most of it.

PS: What was your process compared to all the albums and songs you wrote did a change with this album, knowing what the story was about?

NM: It just happened naturally. I was writing for other people when writing this album. It was quite a liberating way to write an album I guess, as I wasn’t really thinking about myself, so it was quite easy to write. I think the next one will harder to write as I won’t be writing for other people.

PS: Wouldn’t you say that’s the aim when it comes to writing albums, to make the next one harder to write due to the success of the last?

NN: Yeah! Absolutely, and now I know I’ve got to make an album for myself whilst not writing for anyone else at the same time so, I’ve got to think of how to do that.

PS: Well, when making this album, you’ve just told us the story behind it and it seemed like a very deep album, especially something very close to heart. Did you find out more about yourself during this journey that you didn’t know beforehand?

NN: Yeah, definitely! I learnt that a lot of things can be controlled by your own thoughts and mental attitude. I’m actually quite a negative person. I’ve never really been a very confident in myself. So I kind of figured that lot of that can actually come from yourself so you can be like “I love my music, I think it’s great”. It’s that positive attitude that really helps, and that can encourage more people to get involved.

PS: I know every track you write is like your baby, but do you have a favourite to preform from this album?

NN: Probably Best You Had. That always goes down well live.

PS: Let’s talk about your single Colder. Can you tell us the story behind that, because it seemed like that must have been such a hard song to write was that the case?

NN: Colder is about looking back on being a teenager or looking at other people that are a lot younger than you and how easy it was to fall in love again, fall in love for the first time. It wasn’t a hard song to write at all because I wasn’t thinking it was for me really, seems to be a fan favourite so that’s good.

PS: It is! I absolutely love it. When I heard it for the first time, I was like oh I’m a fan, I’m a fan of this and went back to like pretty much the start of your journey. What got you into music?

NN: Just other females who wrote their own music. I love Taylor Swift. When I was like 14, I discovered her, and I’m from a little village in Scotland where there wasn’t many if not any studios, so I was really inspired by the fact it was just her and her guitar. It felt achievable to me. So yeah. Taylor and Debbie Harry. Basically just strong women that do their own thing.

PS: Obviously you’ve been supporting Jess Glynne on a summer tour. How did that come about?

NN: We have the same agent actually! [Laughs] I’ll love to have this long cool story but nah! Same agent. But I’m a huge fan of hers. She’s incredible. I read something the other day Shes got the most number one singles or something?

PS: Yeah, yeah I think I read something about that. She’s brilliant isn’t she is that someone maybe you’ll be working with in near future?

NN: Never say never! That would be cool, wouldn’t it?

PS: Who are you listening to right now?

NN: You know what? I’ve actually gone back in time. I’ve been listening to a lot of Joni Mitchell, and an artist called H.E.R. – very R&B very stripped back.

PS: You’ve just done a Sold out tour – fully sold out every date before you even started the tour. What was that like?

NN: Madness! Absolutely loved that tour, had the best time for six or seven dates, to play the whole album to everybody was just amazing, and to have fans singing your lyrics back to you? There is no better feeling as an artist. I am doing a final show in December at the Electric Ballroom in London so can’t wait for that.

PS: What is touring life like? Do you have anything you do to help switch off when on tour?

NN: Yeah! I do, I draw people! I’m a very keen drawer and have these charcoal pens. Basically the odds are if you come on tour with me you’ll probably be going home with a not so great portrait. [Laughs]

PS: Well my drawing skills are stick men at best! [Laughs] Of course, you’re in Liverpool soon as part of Fusion Festival. What does it mean to you to be coming back to Liverpool to play Fusion?

NN: I can’t wait! Fusion has got such an incredible line-up. I can’t wait to see the other artists. I was actually in Liverpool quite recently so really looking forward to be coming back, it’s always a good night out as well!

PS: Isn’t it just! [Laughs] So what can we expect from your set?

NN: I’m bringing the album, loads of energy and stories. I love telling stories, so yeah make sure your there.

PS: Knowing that you’ve been to Liverpool a few times going to throw you some scouse phrases you ready for this, Nina?

NN: Yes let’s do it!

PS: “Let’s go get some scran.”

NN: Let’s go get some food!

PS: WHAAAATTT?! Straight off the bat!

NN: [Laughs] We use that one in Scotland as well!

PS: Well, here’s a tough one; “La they’re boss webs them!” What do you think that means

NN: I have no idea. Oh my God, what? “Boss” means good, right?

PS: Yes! I’ll give you clue, it’s an item of clothing.

NN: I don’t have any idea. Trainers?


NN: As if! That’s crazy! I like it, though! WEBS! [Laughs] I feel like I’m part scouse!

PS: [Laughs]Yes! You are an adopted scouser now! [Laughs] Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to speak to us. We super appreciate it. Good luck for Fusion and we’ll see you there!

NN: No problem, thanks for having me. See you there!

Nina Nesbitt plays Fusion Festival between 31st Aug and 1st Sepat Sefton Park. Tickets are available now.