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People's Pyramid

KLF Khronicals #10: The Peoples Pyramid and MuMufication

Vicky Pea dwells on the prospect of The Peoples Pyramid and wonders why this isn’t bigger news? 

By Vicky Pea
Sun 27 August, 2017

The People’s Pyramid

Welcome back and welcome to The Dark Ages.

The original plan was do one more of these and get on with my life. How I laugh at that idea now. Instead I’m going to work on a number of refections of the various elements of Welcome To The Dark Ages and how I see them fitting together, or not. This may eventually include a final wrap up of the three days once I’ve investigated each subject but for now we’ll see how it goes.

Disclaimer: The following entries are my opinions. We all have them. I state nothing as fact nor do I claim to understand the events any better than anyone else who was there. I am bloody well going to state I know them better than those who weren’t. After all I am a Graduate. I welcome and encourage the opinions of others and hope to aid in stirring up discussions on the various topics I’ll cover. I am also aware that absolutely everything we participated in could go nowhere and could end up with nothing but that is not my opinion. Thank you.

Ten entries in and I now wish I hadn’t used the term KLF in the title as I feel it’s a little insulting to keep calling them that, being a part of their lives so far in the past and largely redundant throughout Welcome To The Dark Ages. Google and SEO however are the Gods I must appease.

My attentions in this journal will be on The Rites of MuMufication and the People’s Pyramid. The JAMS have gone into the funeral business.

Cert of MuMu

On scouring the web for articles on the event it has been shocking to me how few, if any, even mention it, let alone give it any credence. In fact Google KLF right now and you’re going to find a list of news articles about Jarvis Cocker. Three days of immersive activities and all the media care about is a ten minute cameo.

If you’ve been following me on twitter you’ll no doubt be up to speed with all my various complaints to media outlets of their failures. The Guardian’s piece that went onto be printed in the Observer was a load of drivel strewn with basic factual errors and Pitchfork’s coverage claimed the event to be in London. Two days later and the headline still says London. They haven’t even bothered to correct it.

Once again, as with the initial reaction after the Jura burning, the media just don’t particularly seem to care and have written the whole thing off as another ‘stunt’ often insulting the experience of the attendees and the artists involved. But the biggest crime is to ignore the revelation of The People’s Pyramid.

Indulge us all for a moment. Lets say it goes ahead. That 34,592 people sign up to MuMufication in order to build the People’s Pyramid, 23 feet high somewhere in Toxteth. How is this not one of the greatest artistic ideas to ever be put forth?

It is an artistic collaboration with death. Or Papa Gede in this case. A pyramid that although designed by the living, The Justified Ancients of MuMu in collaboration with Paul Sullivan, can only be completed by the dead. The deaths of 34,592 people who each become collaborators in their own right.


There is a artist programme running as we speak, since 2006, called the One Million Masterpiece that currently has 32,275 artists involved and that doesn’t even require you to bequeath your ashes to anything, so it will be no easy task.

Dr. Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds is probably the most well known artwork that incorporates dead bodies and death has been depicted in various art across the ages but nothing on the scale of what this could potentially result in. Honore Fragonard dug up around 700 corpses in order to produce statues but none voluntarily as far as I know and only a small amount remain to this day.

So how is this not news? I can only assume, as with the burning, it’s all seen as an elaborate ‘prank’. As it is by some of those both in attendance and not. “Did you buy a hundred pound brick?” was the first question asked. Of course I bloody well did, even if it doesn’t all pan out the way I want it too it’s still a wonderful idea to be a part of and at the very least a marginally overpriced souvenir, a work of art of its own right that will pay dividends in ice breaking and conversation alone. Who doesn’t want to have a drunk conversation at two in the morning about potentially being buried in a pyramid. We’d practically be pharaohs of Toxteth.

Not only that but the year long tradition of Toxteth Day Of The Dead has been birthed. A day that will come along year after year after year until we’ve all been added, getting bigger and bigger, quicker and quicker as the years progress. I just really don’t see how this is not the most interesting thing to come out of the three days, sorry Jarvis.

Explaining it all at my family party was surprisingly great. I may have even convinced my brother to join me and my Mum really didn’t seem to mind at all. I guess the only thing they wondered is why I was quite so enthusiastic about it.

Look, by four o’clock on Wednesday I had already shown a total disregard of my body by getting that stupid tattoo, if that’s what I’m like whilst breathing do you think I’m going to be much different when I’m dead? As stated in #1 or 2 of these journals I’m not a religious person and always enjoyed hearing stories of crazy funerals or last requests. Hunter S Thompon’s for example where he managed to get his ashes blown out of a cannon on top of a 150 foot tower. So at this second in my life I’m quite happy to commit to MuMufication. Should my life lead me into a different direction that sees me finding a more suited resting place then so be it, nothing is set in stone (the bricks are unfired after all).


It is also worth considering that The JAMS, in their current form, will be long dead by the time it would be completed, as will most people involved in the logistics. They will never get to see it finished nor marvel in their creation. It will pass down through generations so not only a collaboration of those that sign up, but one that will span for decades to come.

If it did come off then surely it would finally be recognised as a genius artistic creation and The JAMS would receive the respect and admiration of the artist community. Surely? And as so many great artists that have proceeded them such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Emily Dickinson, Vincent van Gogh, Franz Kafka and more they would join the ranks of artists who passed out of this existence before the world had come around to see them for what they are.

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

A partnership between The Justified Ancients of MuMu and Papa Gede has just begun and I for one hope it prospers.

For more details on MuMufication visit

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