Mic Lowry – Arts Club – 11.10 (21)
Mic Lowry – Arts Club – 11.10 (21)

MiC Lowry, Sub Blue, NuTribe, Shak Omar – Arts Club, Liverpool

Review by Soulfultiz and photos by Vicky Pea from a huge night at the Arts Club for Liverpool’s R’n’B and Hip Hop scene with MiC Lowry, Sub Blue, NuTribe and Shak Omar.

By Soulfultiz
Mon 14 October, 2019

“Tonight is the best line up of Liverpool R’n’B and Hip Hop this year” announces Shak Omar to the Arts Club theatre crowd, steadily filling up even at this unusually early kick off time, but you’ve got to get going prompt when you’ve a line up this packed.

Shak Omar sets the tone for the evening just right. Cool, composed, confident and charming!

Full of charisma and with a twinkle in his eye he showcases his love and talent for R’n’B to the already very excitable crowd, the first few rows at the front already claimed as soon as the doors opened, who repay his performance with responsive interaction throughout, something that continues to ramp up all night long and rightly so.

Shak Omar – Arts Club – 11.10 (11)

Having tested the crowd’s R’n’B chops with a cover medley from both sides of the pond with help from DJ2Kind (they seem to know their stuff) it’s his own material that takes the spotlight, No Chemistry in particular is superb and sticks long in the memory, right up until the point of writing this very review in fact.

Next to take to the stage (and how) are NuTribe. We happened to bump into these guys at the new community Colours Festival in Toxteth and boy oh boy, we didn’t realise what we were in for.

It is just so refreshing to see a group that performs pure unadulterated Rap music. Everything from their lyrics, movement and choice of beats is quite reminiscent of 90’s conscious hip hop era – you could hear elements of A Tribe called Quest, Nas with the swag and the movement of Busta Rhymes mixed with a bit of Beenie Man.

Nu Tribe – Arts Club – 11.10 (19)

It’s no surprise they are getting a lot of love from the music industry, including Gilles Peterson. They are not only a reflection of Liverpool’s unique, raw and gritty music culture, but also natural born entertainers with a passion and energy so strong that they create a gripping stage presence. Their music paints a picture of their journeys, influences, strengths and struggles.

Their crowning moment is their performance of recently released single Sittin’ On Me Step, which was released on Gilles Peterson’s latest compilation Future Bubblers 3.0. And when we say perform we mean it in the true sense of the word, you really get a full show from the trio and there is no doubt in our minds these guys are going to be playing large arenas and festivals real soon if there’s anything right with the world!

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Joined on stage by DJ2KindSub Blue kicked his set off with one of our favourite songs Think We Are Fine and carries on with tunes from his brace of already released EP’s.
We’ve been fans of Sub Blue since he was going by Tyler Mensah but what we saw tonight was a definite progression in terms of his stage presence and vocal ability, for a minute we didn’t realise he had an amazing soprano range.

Sub Blue – Arts Club – 11.10 (4)

We’re always amazed when an artist so young can have the confidence, wisdom and talent of someone beyond their years. He captivates the audience with the ease and sincerity in which he delivers each song. The stand out for us on the night was his cover of Daniel Caesar’s Get You, it was a definite goosebumps moment for us and the rest of the crowd in attendance.

With the stage once again empty the Arts Club now anxiously await the entrance of tonight’s headliners, MiC Lowry.

They immediately whip everyone in a frenzy with their opening track, Oh Lord and waste no time in going on to play most of their uptempo hits including Can’t Lie which arguably gets the biggest reaction of the night.

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They mix things up and slow things down with some acoustic cuts including a sublime cover of Miguel’s Come Through and Chill. It isn’t long before they’re back raising the roof off with Don’t Tempt Me, Bad Intentions and Tuxedo. Fans of 90’s R&B were thrilled to a great take on Usher’s You Make Me Wanna which you can find on their recently released Live & Unplugged EP – which in our opinion is their best project to date.

They pull again from the EP with a tune titled Brand New, all the while feeling so incredibly at home on stage that they aren’t even remotely nervous – they say it must be down to playing in front of a home crowd. This extra reserve of confidence on stage leads them to perform an unreleased track called Come Over – the first time they’ve ever performed the song having literally received the stems from the producer today, it’s great to see the lads recording new music so soon after releasing an EP.

Mic Lowry – Arts Club – 11.10 (2)

After doing stadium tours with the likes of Justin Bieber and The Backstreet Boys, this felt like the perfect homecoming gig, even if we personally think they deserve bigger stages still.

We’ve been avid supporters of MiC Lowry for years and think that they should, without a doubt, be global superstars. With this recent performance, one of professionally honed vocal delivery and stage presence, it shows they believe in taking their talents to the stage and subsequently talent always wins – it is just going to be a matter of time.

Tonight shows just a slice of a glimpse of what great talent we have in the city, long may we continue to have nights like this.

Photo gallery by Planet Slop’s Vicky Pea.

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