LUNA, Stealing Sheep, Remee: 24 Kitchen St, Liverpool

By Shaun Ponsonby
Thu 13 December, 2018

Making the venue feel like an extension of her work, LUNA took over 24 Kitchen St to launch her latest single.

We entered 24 Kitchen St to find Remee bringing her set to close – a unique blend of electronic, R&B and an almost avant garde feel.  We obviously weren’t able to catch the whole thing, but her soulful voice ringing out over such inventive music makes her one of the more interesting artists in the city right now.

As the closing notes rang out, we took the opportunity to peruse the venue. LUNA had made it her own. Candles, polaroid pictures and – most excitedly – cakes were available for purchase. It added a truly personal  touch to the venue. These aren’t generic items, they mean something to her.

Lupini was DJing between sets, creating an ambient soundscape that engulfed the venue, making 24 Kitchen St feel separate from the world outside.

It was surprising to find Stealing Sheep in support – but it added to the sense of occasion. They brought a stripped down show, but even this was far more than most headliners bring.  Wearing the same body suits they wore when supporting Ladytron a few weeks earlier, they kept the electronic feel of the evening, but added their artsy, retro touch.

Stealing Sheep are one of those bands where different thoughts enter your head every time you see them. Tonight I’m thinking purely of the music. Although easy to define as an electronic band, there is a kaleidoscope of influences present.  Of interest, they opened with a song that seemed to borrow much from the post-Roger Waters Pink Floyd song Learning to Fly.   

LUNA herself was in high spirits, but extremely nonchalant. Out of the three acts, there was a moody overtone to her sound that helped it penetrate deeper. Not that she necessarily had anything to prove, but there seemed to be a hunger in her performance.

She has a knack of articulating a state of confusion without losing soul, which we often find a difficult balance to strike. There are subtle touches that one would imagine require repeated viewings to fully grasp.

She was there to launch her single 5am, which naturally came towards the end of the set. The song itself is a dark-pop ballad and is the second single from her forthcoming EP, which is due to debut in the Spring. If this and previous single Fire is anything to go by, it looks set to be a real treat.

But if there is one thing we took away from tonight it is how often we have seen great gigs by local acts recently that have been female-led line-ups. It is refreshing, and they have by far been some of the most engrossing shows we have seen this year. There seems to be a change in the air, and it is incredible women like these who are leading the charge.

Pictures by Graham Smille