PZYK Survival Guide: Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia 2017 PLUS Competition

By Vicky Pea
Wed 13 September, 2017

Do’s, don’t’s, when’s, where’s, how’s, who’s and more from Planet Slop’s Vicky Pea.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” 

Nope, we’re not singing about Christmas, which seemingly everyone else is starting to. We’re singing ’bout Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia aka Psych Fest aka the festival that promises to destroy you.

It’s close enough to start getting giddy about and we’re already considering introducing some physical training in preparation, although we’re unsure if a week of heavy drinking and sleep deprivation in order to get used to it – or the opposite to combat it – is the best option at this stage.

Once again Psych Fest has offered up a delicious buffet of bands that we can’t wait to gobble up, surrounded by a whole scene of psychedelic creativity, with an event that time and time again appeals to the appetites of attendees far and wide.

So here’s your one stop shop for everything Psych Fest. Go forth and feast.

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Psych Fest takes place in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle and makes use of multiple venues, mainly the Camp & Furnace, Blade Factory and District.

For 2017 the PZYK Gallery and Village has also been expanded with locations on Greenland Street and Flint Street.

We’ve pinned the essential locations on this handy map.

[wpgmza id=”2″]



The easiest option. The festival site is a 15 minute walk from the city centre along main roads. It’s easy enough to find (use the map above) and if you’re in any doubt, follow anyone in a paisley shirt or looks like they could have been in the Manson Family.


The closest local (Merseyrail) train stations to the festival site are either Liverpool Central (Northern and Wirral Lines), James Street (Wirral Line) or Brunswick (Northern Line).

They are all pretty much equal distance to the site resulting in a further 15 minute walk.

For national rail services alight at Liverpool Lime Street from which you can connect to local services, grab a taxi or take a stroll to the site.


Don’t get the bus, you know you don’t want to.

If you somehow find yourself on a bus just make sure it’s either the 103 or 82 in the right direction.


The main coach station is located in the city centre and will result in the same 15 minute walk as above.


Hackney cab’s are regularly available in the city centre. Uber also operates in Liverpool as well as a range of private hire taxi’s such as…

Delta – 0151 924 7373
Davy Liver – 0151 708 8080
Village – 0151 427 7909
Excel – 0151 728 8888
Alpha – 0151 722 8888


Between parking and general indulgence it’s probably not a great idea to drive but should you feel the need punch in the postcode L1 0BY on your sat nav.

There are a few pay and display car parks in along Jamaica Street but availability will be limited and costly.


Visitors arriving at either Liverpool John Lennon or Manchester Airport should aim to travel via train to Liverpool City Centre and use one of the above methods to continue their journey to the site.

Both airports have direct rail links without requiring changes.


Friday 22nd September: The festival site opens at 3pm closes at 4am.

Saturday 23rd September: The festival site opens at 1pm and closes at 6am.

Final entry into the festival site is 9.30pm on both days.


Your’ll need to swap you’re ticket for a wristband at the designated Wristband Exchange located alongside the Box Office on Flint Street (see map). The Wristband Exchange will be open from 1pm on Friday 22nd September and from 12pm on Saturday 23rd September. No access to the festival site will be permitted without a wristband so there.


Drinks at the festival site can only be purchased with Bar Tokens. You will need to purchase tokens from the Token Booth (see map) with either cash (recommended) or card (small fees may apply). Tokens mean your’ll spend less time queuing and more time drinking, win win.

This year the festival will also introduce a Green Cup Scheme to reduce bar waste. When you buy your first drink, with your tokens, you’ll be charged an additional £1 for your cup which your’ll need to keep hold of and return to the bar when you buy your next round of drinks. It’s not as much as a pain as it sounds and at the end of the festival you can exchange it for a fancy PZYK-branded festival cup. It’s easy peasy and a good cause too.

Stage Times

Obvs stage times are subject to changes and blah blah blah, follow us on twitter @planetslop and we’ll keep you in the know about any updates.

Friday 22nd September

Saturday 23rd September



Limited tickets are still available and can be purchased here. But why are you reading this if you don’t already have a ticket?

Friday day tickets cost £40, Saturday day tickets cost £50 and weekend tickets £85.

Tickets for the festival’s opening party on Thursday 21st September can also be purchased for £8.


Honestly, just go and see as much as you possibly can. Every band on the bill has its merit and we don’t know what you like.

We could dig deep for recommendations but if you want to know what we like, here’s where we’ll be, our rough plan destined to go off the rails… (all of these times are ‘ish’)

Ducktails, The Goa Express, Ali Horn & more @ Constellations, Thursday evening

To ease ourselves into proceedings.

FUSS @ Blade Factory, Friday 3.30pm

First band of the weekend, no use in hanging about. Get a taste of Liverpool’s booming psych and garage scene from the ‘drone pop cosmonauts’.

Yassassin @ District, Friday 3.45pm

Irresistible outfit who are on the brink of releasing their debut EP Vitamin Y. Thank us later.

W.H. Lung @ Blade Factory, Friday 6.30pm

Enigmatic Manc trio making their name on the festival circuit that we’ve been lucky enough to catch on a few occasions.

Träd Gräs Och Stenar @ Furnace, Friday 9.15pm

Nordic psych legends, say no more.

Songhoy Blues @ Furnace, Friday 10.45pm

Headliners headline for a reason. Desert blues and subjects of the recent documentary They Will Have To Kill Us First. Absolute must see.

Gnod @ District, Friday 11.30

We missed their last jaunt to Liverpool, proper krautrock vibes.

Food, coffee, having a chat break.

Steve Davis + Kavus Torabi (DJ) – Friday 2am – late

Like you need an excuse?

Sleep, fry up, coffee and cider

Purple Heart Parade @ District, Saturday 1.30pm

We know we’ve seen these somewhere before but can’t for the life of us remember, hopefully this will jog our memory, we certainly remember liking them first time around.

Ex Easter Island Head @ Furnace, Saturday 2.30pm

They’ve used the words ‘Large Ensemble’. Temping at the best of times, too temping in this case.

Cavalier Song @ Blade Factory, Saturday 3.30pm

Nice change of pace for Saturday afternoon, something with the potential to be a little different to everything else around them with spoken word and elements of poetry.

AUDiNT present A Century of Zombie Sound @ Cinema, Saturday 4.00pm

Ultrasonic, sonic, infrasonic. Basically get to it if you’re a fan of freaky frequencies and changing your state of mind.

PigsPigsPigsPigsPigsPigsPigs @ District, Saturday, 6.30pm

Get. down. early. We see this being one of the busiest sets of the weekend.

The Holydrug Couple @ Camp, Saturday 8pm

Scared Bones alum, thick dreamy shoegaze that’ll act as a perfect recovery from what precedes and follows it.

Baltic Fleet @ Camp, Saturday 9.30pm

Catch a few minutes in hope of hearing some of the new album live before rushing off to…

W.I.T.C.H. @ Furnace, Saturday 10pm

70’s Zambian lost psych troupe. Come on!

Sex Swing @ Camp, Saturday 10.40pm

Honestly, would love to catch their set up will probably still be in the Furnace waiting for…

The Black Angels @ Furnace, Saturday 11.15pm

This is what we’ve been waiting for. Austin’s best psych export, bitching recent new album in Death Song propelling them towards us and surely Currency has to be a weekend highlight in waiting?

See out the weekend in the PZYK Colony with Bernie Connor and Co.

Try to figure out at which point the festival did indeed destroy you and attempt to recover.


Everything Else


Do Make the most of it. Get going early, head to Thursday night’s launch party at Constellations and turn that two day dose of psych into three and don’t leave it till 7pm to turn up on the Friday and Saturday. Squeeze every drop!

Do have some kind of plan. At the very least know when and where your must see bands are playing and get there early if they’re likely to be a popular choice, don’t get locked out like we did for Spiritualized and Evil Blizzard in years gone by. Venues will adopt a one in one out policy if at capacity.

Do look out for each other. It’s the best weekend of the year but also has potential to be the messiest.

Do get involved. There’s plenty going on away from the stages and more interesting people than you could ever hope to chat to. Most people we’ve met in past years have been approachable and lovely, get out there and meet some one of a kind characters.

Do discover something new. Go see some bands you’ve never heard of and show the smaller stages some love.

Do indulge in the food and drink options on offer because it’s delish (still reminiscing over last years three cheese cheesy chips) and nobody wants to spend a weekend drinking Fosters.

Do pick up one of the festivals compilation vinyl, they’re a great way to revisit the event at a future date.

Do embrace the destruction. Psych Fest will destroy you and that’s half the run. Let it have its way with you!

Do bring cash. Cash points are few and far between in the area.

Do make the most of the Green Cup Scheme.

Do bring you’re god damn ID because I’m not going to buy drinks for you suckers.


Don’t get hung up about sticking to your plan. Go with the flow and don’t spend so much time staring at your schedule you forget to enjoy yourself. Chances are if you miss something you love, you’re bound to catch something new you’ll love just as much.

Don’t bring your own booze. Trust us, it will get confiscated and you’ll end up feeling robbed when you see the bouncer drinking it on the way home.

Don’t bring a bag full of stuff. Bags will be searched upon entry and the more you’ve got the longer it’ll take to get everyone in.

Don’t get so fucked up you miss loads of stuff and/or become a burden to your mates and turn the weekend into one big waste of a ticket.

Don’t think it’s only about the bands. Make sure you get a chance to chill in the village with a coffee, grab some delicious scran, go on a record hunt and immerse yourself in the creativity on display throughout the gallery and across the site.

Don’t make a mess and embrace the Zero Bar Waste spirit.

Don’t be surprised when I won’t buy you drinks because you forgot your ID.

Don’t even think about missing it and don’t forget, this festival will destroy you.


Hair of the dog remains our only viable suggestion when it comes to recovery. We foresee reemerging around 2pm on Sunday, no better time for a pint and a roast if you ask us.

Other remedies are available but not recommended.