Liverpool Pride 2019 in Pictures

Celebrate love! The rain didn’t stop Planet Slop from going to Pride In Liverpool 2019. 

By Planet Slop
Tue 30 July, 2019

After a glorious week of boiling hot weather, Liverpool Pride 2019 rolled around on Saturday and gave us…non-stop rain. Maybe the counter-protesters are right. Maybe God does hate us.

Maybe not.

But, thankfully, that didn’t stop us taking to the streets. Under the new LCR Pride Foundation, Liverpool Pride 2019 found the most sign ups ever for the march – which is the heart of the event. Little Boots is all well and good, but that’s not why we’re here.

Pride is a protest. We’re still fighting for acceptance. According to Merseyside Police (via the BBC), there has been a 38% rise in homophobic attacks on Merseyside since the tragic and avoidable death of Michael Causer in 2008. It almost doesn’t matter who is on stage, Pride is about us – queers of all kinds, and their friends and family – standing up and being heard.

For that reason, we decided to showcase Pride raw. So please, enjoy this gallery by our great friend and ally Graham Smillie.

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