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Liverpool Comedy Festival: Cabaret From The Shadows

By Vicky Pea
Tue 26 September, 2017

As part of Liverpool Comedy Festival Vicky Pea attends her first Cabaret show, with a twist. 

There was much buzz around Cabaret From The Shadows in the weeks leading up to tonights show.

Having received a ‘recommend show‘ stamp from the Fringe Review, a four star rating from Broadway Baby and taking home the Nordic Fringe Network Award for their performance at Brighton Fringe their appearance at the Unity Theatre as part of Liverpool Comedy Festival was an award winning homecoming of sorts.

With that in mind the performance had deservedly sold out and so the Unity Theatre‘s Unity 1 space was filled.

The Unity is a small but perfectly formed space, always boasting a full and varied programme of events. The only nit picking we would manage is that tonight it was almost a little too nice.

But fear not, before long we had suspended our disbelief and were transported to a derelict and forgotten corner of a sooty and ravaged city located just at then entrance of our dreamscapes.

The Cabaret From The Shadows have come to Liverpool this evening… to read our minds. Our dreams, fears, sexy fantasies and most evidently, our shame.

Having never been to a Cabaret before it’s somewhat difficult to explain the evenings entertainment to you, especially in regards to providing comparisons to traditional shows of the art form. So we’ll just stick to conveying our feelings at reactions best we can.

Imagine if you will a dimly lit, possibly smokey and mysterious room. Around a table sit David Lynch, Tim Burton, Eddie Izzard and Limmy, together to work on an hour comedy sketch show.

Lynch keeps it surreal, Burton just wants it to look a bit creepy, Eddie throws in the high brow gags and Limmy works on those bits that are just so random and unfunny that they’re in turn incredibly funny.

Comedy, admittedly the star element of the show, is but one of many aspects of the show. The musicianship was understated but esteemed through out. Probably only the second time in my life we’ve actually enjoyed the presence of an accordion, the first being only a week ago at our first Scottish Caleigh.

The characters are charismatic and each bring their own distinct stamp on the sketches that vary from quick intelligent gags, crass psychical humour, the downright obscure and a trusting reliance on audience participation (not always as accommodating as they’d deserve but none the less, they always get there in the end.)

Our personal favourite involved a voodoo effigy of audience member Jim’s boss and a show-stealing one liner from Jesus. But it’s not our place to give away the show, your’ll have to go see it yourselves.

At an hour long it was probably about right, not that anyone would have begrudged another 20 or 30 minutes. They fit a lot into an hour, and it all ends in a good spirited lobbing war between audience and performers.

They say they hope to get to see us all again sometime and the audience mirrors their sentiment. We’ll absolutely be on the look out for the Cabaret From The Shadows and Teatro Pomodoro again in the future.

Verdict? A triumph! Magnifique!*

*We just wanted to put that in hopes that’ll one end up on one of those big fancy review posters. All true none the less. 

Photo courtesy of Teatro Pomodoro/Andrew Ness