JR – 95 – cover
JR – 95 – cover

L100 Spotlight #8: JR (Local 2 Global)

By DJ 2Kind
Fri 03 August, 2018

DJ2Kind returns to the pages of Planet Slop to introduce us to more from Liverpool’s hip hop, grime and R&B scenes. This time around, it’s Local 2 Global’s JR.

Representing one of the most hard working and consistent collectives to emerge from the Wirral’s talented pool of artists, JR has been repeatedly hitting us with genre bridging tracks from grime to hip hop and R&B, more recently even branching out into afro bashment.

Still young at 23, he has already released multiple mixtapes and has racked up an incredible amount of views on YouTube.

2018 saw the arrival of JR’s new mixtape ’95 and it felt as though all his hard work had led to what is most definitely his strongest work to date.

Life That I’m Livin’ and Got That Vibe are potential club bangers while X & O’s and Wet Work (both produced by Westy) display how JR can still murder a 70bpm joint with airtight precision.

Then there’s High. When we were sent this by JR before the mixtape dropped, he mentioned that this track was going to be different but we were fully not expecting what we heard. This is slow jam R&B at its very best and after listening to JR’s raspy voiced rap style for a few years, few would have expected the notes to flow so effortlessly.

We caught up with JR to hit him with the all-important L100 Spotlight Q&A.

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Planet Slop: Who Are You and what do you do?

JR: I am JR and I express my life experiences through music.

PS: Describe your music in three words.

 JR: Soulful, organic and raw.

 PS: What was your last non-music post on social media?

 JR: “Mary Jane”.

 PS: What’s your favourite Hip Hop quote?

JR: “It was all a dream”. Biggie Smalls is the illest!

PS: What do people admire about you?

JR: My figure. Ha ha!

PS: What’s your favourite takeaway or food spot?

JR: Tia Pan (Chinese) or Nawaab (Indian). It’s too hard to choose a favourite!

PS: Who is your hero?

JR: The Notorious B.I.G.

PS: What was the first CD you bought with your own cash?

JR: Kanye WestGraduation. I used to get everything free download back in the day and have all the tracks on my iPod but I was loving Kanye’s vibes at the time so I had to buy the cd and have it pumping through my little system I had.

PS: What annoys people about you?

JR: Just had to ask Jamio (L2G) and he is telling me, 1. For being Un-relentless, and 2. Being correct all the time! Ha ha!

PS: Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

JR: My mother.

PS: What has been you best live show so far?

JR: Local 2 Global’s Killing Off The Competition mixtape launch. That night was LIVELY! We had a brilliant turn out with how many people turned up, all the support acts smashed it and it went off when me and Jamio got on stage.

PS: What’s your best TV show EVER?

JR: Benidorm! That’s hilarious, the people on Benidorm remind me of too many people that live round my ways.

PS: What’s your favourite sound or noise?

JR: I can’t say, sorry. She wouldn’t be happy!

PS: If you had to listen to only three artists for the next ten years, who would it be?

JR: Notorious B.I.G, Lauryn Hill, T-Pain, that’s my vibes right there!

PS: And Finally… why should people check out your music?

JR: It’s nothing but love! Always talking about my life trying to get rid of the negativity and spread a positive vibe to my listeners. I’ve got vibes for everyone, if you have got time have a listen. I’m sure you won’t be let down. Go check my mixtape, 95.

More details on JR:

Twitter: @JR16_Music
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/JR-ch44

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